World Population to Reach 8 Billion by 2025


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Today marks World Population Day, an annual event that has been observed on July 11th every year since 1989. The event was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme, and it seeks to raise awareness of global population issues. 

Did you know that the world population is currently at 7.58 billion? Current estimates by the Census Bureau predict that the population will reach 8 billion by 2025. In honor of this day, the U.S. Census Bureau has released fascinating facts about the U.S. and global population. 

U.S. and World Population Facts

  • The most populous countries are China, India, the United States, Indonesia, and Pakistan.
  • There is one birth every 8 seconds and one death every 12 seconds. 
  • The top U.S. export partners are Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and the United Kingdom, and the top U.S. import partners are China, Mexico, Canada, Japan and Germany.
  • The U.S. population on July 10, 2019 was 329,215,520.
  • The most populous U.S. cities are California, Texas, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania. 
  • The states with the highest density include the District of Columbia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

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