Creating A Female Coalition

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Valerie H. Little, Ed.D.

Valerie H. Little, Ed.D., Executive Leadership and Teaching The Global Maven Group, LLC

The ability to connect with your clients is a crucial element in doing business. In today’s technologically advanced world, one must understand the language, execute the idea, and navigate the terrain of the competition. To do this, you must create your coalition of women that support your vision. This can be done by developing a network of individuals that are inspired, ignited, and invigorated by what you do or represent. It is the concept that what you offer will jumpstart a movement.

The idea of being an entrepreneur is a responsibility within itself. If one is to influence and navigate through the world of business. To disrupt the system, you must understand how to formulate a strategy, as well as how to execute the plan. What defines a leader? And will others follow your lead? The following principles will guide you on that path.

 Identifying Your Advocates
A leader’s primary point person is their advocate. One that advocates for a leader is tied into the vision of the leader. The advocate is the masterful follower who does not hesitate to step up to the task to accomplish the mission that is defined by the leader.

The focus of the leader is to build a cohesive coalition of female champions and warriors. To establish a base that encompasses a bridge between past, present, and future leaders. This mission is structured around the ability to seek out passion and know what defines it. The main objective is to lead on a global stage. Leading from a position that helps your coalition of advocates accomplish their goals and venture outside of their comfort zone. A true desire to effect change is the goal. It is through this dynamic force that real communication can be established on an international level.

Establishing a Base
Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges and opportunities. This establishes the foundation for cultivating followers through a shared knowledge and insight to shape and lead through change. A leader guides those who choose to be followers. It is only through this leadership ability that enables one to develop dedicated champions for the cause. One who will champion a cause and expertly craft a blueprint to execute the vision is a key asset. The main purpose is to cultivate your follower’s innate skills and talents.

The Advocate
This individual is the one person that advocates for the leader and is tuned into the vision of the leader. The advocate is the designated follower assigned to carry out the mission charged by the leader—an individual that can step outside of their comfort zone and rally the troops.  This will allow the advocate the opportunity to hone their passion and share life experiences. The major factor is to assemble a group of advocates focused on implementing a defined vision and connecting it to a cause. It is a shared experience to go against what is expected and chart a new path. The combination of these factors encompasses a greater discernment to effect change and encourage a desire to fulfill their potential. The leader shares a collective attitude with the advocate to go against what is expected and define a new path toward success.

The Inspired Leader
When people are inspired to cultivate a legacy of leadership and integrity, it greatly solidifies the desire to see it come to fruition. Leaders reflect the adeptness to take a goal and see it through to the end by keeping the mind focused on one’s determination to inspire, empower, and change lives, recognizing that whatever technique, tools, and knowledge acquired will be shared. The desire to be a testament for others to lead can be cultivated if one is willing to take on the role.

The Path of Perseverance
The unattainable can be attained with a skillfully executed and choreographed strategy. Great leaders have the propensity to identify and revel in the challenge and opportunity to develop a new path to greatness. True endurance is a standard that exemplifies a great leader. Desire and passion are key factors in determining how much one perseveres when striving toward their goals. Perseverance is the ultimate determinate to gage if one is willing to sacrifice all for one common goal or vision. The ability to persevere outweighs the desire to give in.

The new coalition of female leaders is responding to the call of urgency to formulate a new generation of influential women that will not only impact their community but also the world. The female leader of today is preparing to purposefully recognize her role, and navigate new pathways that will ignite an upcoming generation of leadership ready to lead from a global perspective. This is a crucial element in the world today.

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