Diversify Your Business at the NAWRB Conference


Attend our ‘Diversify Your Business Training’ seminar to learn how to expand your business through the utilization of your existing skill set. This means converting your current knowledge into revenue and advancement for your company.

During this workshop, vendors will gain awareness of various contracting opportunities that are available with agencies and government organizations. We will teach you about these contracts, and guide you through the process of putting yourself in the best position to secure them by using your existing expertise.

Our seminar is crucial because most people have no idea these contracts exist, let alone how to take advantage of them. NAWRB will provide vital awareness and connect you to the departments and entities that are offering opportunities. With companies looking to increase supplier diversity, the opportunity for women- and minority-owned business is uninhibited.

This seminar will allow you to achieve your full potential and transition your business into new territory. With the amount of insight our conference offers, it will prove crucial to the added success and expansion of your company.

The seminar is only accessible to those who register. Seminar registration is free with your conference ticket. Visit our online store to complete your registration.

At NAWRB, we are focused on providing awareness, opportunities, and access to women in housing. It is important to be aware of the opportunities available to you, and to recognize that you already possess the qualities that will grant you access to them. This is what you can expect from our 2015 NAWRB Conference.

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