Good Habits When Sleeping and Waking Up

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A demanding job, the commute, after-work errands or maybe even dropping off and picking up kids from soccer practice can leave you drained after a long day. Often times however, exhaustion and the need for a nap creep in during the day, much earlier than anticipated and without warrant. The solution isn’t an energy drink it’s sleep.

Just as important as how long you’re sleeping is how you’re getting your sleep. Five hours of good sleep can make you feel more rested than seven hours of mediocre shut-eye.

Sleep Tips

  • Falling asleep and waking up at the same time every day helps your body accustom to a set cycle and settle into a comfortable sleep
  • Stop using your phone or computer at least one hour before bed; the light from these devices prevents your brain from recognizing that it’s nighttime, making it harder to relax and fall asleep
  • Forget about work when you’re relaxing in your pajamas, this will help you unwind and get the most from sleep
  • Think about your day and what you want to accomplish tomorrow, this will give you peace and help you wake up feeling prepared for the following day

Waking Up Tips

  • Don’t snooze your alarm, five more minutes will not make you feel any more rested but it can make offset your morning routine and make you feel rushed
  • Open the blinds, the natural light will let your body know it is morning and help you feel awake
  • Eat a good breakfast to get you going and keep you from being distracted by hunger at work
  • Pick out your outfit and make your lunch the night before; this will give you more time in the morning

Following these tips will help you feel rested in the morning, which will make the process of getting up easier. You will leave your home with plenty of time, enjoy your drive and start your day with a positive mindset.

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