“We are thankful to NAWRB and all of the women’s organizations who have contributed greatly to the continued successes of the Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Program since it was launched in FY2011.”

Erin E. Andrew,

Assistant Administrator, Office of Women’s
Business Ownership at the SBA

There are resources for women and women-owned businesses that aren’t being utilized. Contracts are literally being lost because entities cannot find women-owned businesses to which to award them. Money is being returned to the government or diverse spend not met because these opportunities are not being seized.

The NAWRB Women’s Global Resource Center will provide clients and vendors a depository to help fill this void. Take advantage of our resources, connectivity, and the money being offered to women in housing.

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NAWRB Founder and CEO Desiree Patno states, “There are opportunities for women and women-owned businesses that aren’t being utilized to their full potential. Set-asides are therefore limited and not being fulfilled, as entities cannot always find women-owned businesses to award contracts for their diverse spend.  In addition, there are too few C-suite women in our industry seated at the table and available for mentorship.

“The mission of the NAWRB Women’s Global Resource Center is connecting women of all levels and women-owned businesses within the housing continuum to pivotal business opportunities. Ownership or women-owned business certification, while a requirement for government contracts, isn’t mandatory for opportunities in the private sector or to enroll in our resource center. By creating a depository of women business professionals and women-owned businesses, NAWRB is bringing more women business avenues to the forefront.”

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