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Expand your business and tap into the global real estate market with NAWRB Magazine. In each issue, we’ll feature a country and highlight the various regions, housing market, and key information to spread greater global awareness to women in the housing economy.

In our current issue, we chose France for its widespread appeal, old world charm, and tempting property prices ideal for investing.

Browse through the pages to discover which prized region offers surprisingly inexpensive property prices and which region has steep prices to avoid. The beauty of France will come alive as we showcase all 22 metropolitan regions.

Explore the glittering night lights of Shanghai and the mouthwatering foods of street vendors as we feature China in our next issue. Despite a previously declining housing market, China is experiencing signs of a turnaround.

From France to China and beyond, our newest international section will help you decide where to invest your money and dive into the global real estate market.

Do you have products and services you wish to market on an international level? Our international publication can bring your business’ products and services to the forefront among the companies and buyers that seek them. Our deadline for advertisements in our next issue is July 1, 2015.

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