Tax Day: Americans Identify What Bothers Them Most About Their Taxes


Today is Tax Day, a flagship day capping off a time of year that worries and excites Americans alike as they file their returns. A new study from the Pew Research Center, Top Frustrations With Tax System: Sense That Corporations, Wealthy Don’t Pay Fair Share, reveals what bothers Americans most about their taxes.

Among the general public:

  • 62 percent responded that they are bothered “a lot” by the thought that some corporations don’t pay their fair share
  • 60 percent expressed being bothered “a lot” by the feeling that some wealthy people don’t pay their fair share
  • 43 percent are significantly bothered by the complexity of the tax system
  • 27 percent are bothered a lot by the amount of taxes they had to pay
  • 20 percent of participants expressed being notably bothered by the idea that the poor do not pay their fair share of taxes

In terms of personal tax burden, little has shifted since 2010:

  • 54 percent believe they pay the right amount of taxes
  • 40 percent feel they pay more than their fair share
  • 5 percent feel they pay less than their fair share

Pew also reports that a majority of Americans currently view the federal tax system as unfair; in April 2017, 56 percent believe the tax system is “Not too/Not at all fair,” compared to 48 percent in February 2015. Two percent of respondents said the tax system is “very fair,” and 40 percent stated they believe it is “moderately fair.”

That’s another tax season in the books! The NAWRB Team hopes yours came and went with ease.

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