5 Nuggets Every Realtor Should Have in Their Pocket


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This past Wednesday, Nov. 7th, Steve Haskell, Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer at NeighborWorks Orange County, was featured and interviewed on our NAWRB sheCall: Purchasing a Home with Reverse Mortgage. Thank you to Steve Haskell, NeighborWorks Orange County, and all of our participants for joining us on the call. In case you missed it, Steve shared invaluable “golden nuggets” that all realtors should have at their disposal when working with clients. Read more out to find out whether you know them.

Steve has served as a reverse loan mortgage officer for a decade and specializes in offering a unique loan program to seniors which allows them to us a portion of their home equity to facilitate a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.

Below are five “golden nuggets” that a Realtor should keep in their pocket when talking to clients;

  1. The borrower maintains ownership of the home.
  2. With the proprietary RM’s closing costs are minimal
  3. Loan amounts now go up to $4 million with proprietary RM’s
  4. Federal and Proprietary RM’s are non-recourse loans
  5. All proceeds from RM’s are tax free

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