American Workplace: 35 Percent of Women have been Sexually Harassed or Abused


Thirty-five percent of American women, and nine percent of men, have been sexually harassed or abused in the workplace, according to a new poll by PBS NewsHour, NPR and Marist. These recent findings contribute to the growing movement shining a light on and demanding accountability in sexual assault in America.

Poll Findings

  • 22 percent of Americans reported being sexually harassed or abused at work
  • 87 percent of Americans responded that their workplace does enough to protect employees from sexual harassment and abuse
  • 64 percent of respondents stated that the person accusing a coworker is more likely to be believed, while 18 percent said the accused party was more likely to be believed
  • 35 percent of women and 24 percent of men said they have personally seen someone sexually harass or abuse another person in the workplace

Sexual assault has been the subject of countless news articles and segments in recent weeks, as professionals from diverse industries continue coming forward to report their experiences. The need to eradicate this harassment and abuse in all sectors including the workplace is imperative, as the damage it causes to a person’s life and career is irreversible and has lifelong effects.

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