Power-up Your Policymaking

How to turn your passion into action from boosting your local engagement or running for office

“This woman’s place is in the House-the House of Representatives”-Bella Abzug

It’s no new news that although we comprise a little over half the human population, women are severely underrepresented in both politics and business. Although great strides have been made and new fissures and cracks appear every day in that storied glass ceiling, for the busy everyday woman, moving from awareness to engagement can seem daunting. Continue reading

One Tough Mother: How Single Mothers are Defining the Homebuying Process

June is National Homeownership Month. This article is part of an ongoing series focusing on aspects of women’s homeownership.

“Despite the stereotypes that insist women care more about marriage than men do, it may actually be the single life that women embrace more than men,” says Professor Bella DePaulo, social scientist, author, and expert on elective single life, going on to say that unmarried women may be likelier than men to create a lifestyle around singledom.
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The Fight for Women at Art Basel

With a busy schedule you’d need a guidebook to navigate, I never have enough time in the day to connect with everyone I want to. Oftentimes, by the time I remember that I wanted to call a colleague with a quick thought, it’s two in the morning and my puppies are crying for me to come to bed. Once in a while, though, I see something that is riveting.

I recently attended Art Basel 2017 and was deeply impacted by the connections I formed and the beautiful artwork abounding throughout Miami Beach. I had a cathartic experience when my eyes settled on the work of Italian artist El Gato Chimney. My excitement must have been obvious as I was captivated by the color and images in his work.

The painting I fixated on depicts a swan with a community of burning birdhouses on its back. Held down by ropes, and bleeding from its battle, the resolute swan won’t succumb to its restraints and fights to gain its flight and freedom. A different painting similarly portrays a bird with smoking birdhouses on its back, the difference being that this bird and its houses are already airborne.

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Iceland Becomes First Country to Legalize Equal Pay

This Monday, Iceland became the first country to make it illegal to pay women less than men, a tour de force for gender equality in the workplace. The world’s most gender-equal country for the past 9 years, ranked by the World Economic Forum, is utilizing legislation to eliminate the gender pay gap after successfully closing 70 percent.

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Legal Assistance for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

NAWRB: Women in the Housing Ecosystem is committed to improving women’s economic growth. From increasing awareness of sexual misconduct to providing tools for women’s financial independence, NAWRB provides resources to help women professionals succeed in the housing ecosystem.

A new resource is an anti-harassment initiative providing women and men with legal assistance and actionable solutions for decreasing sexual harassment in the workplace.

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The Power of Mentoring for Women and Minorities

A recent study from executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles, Creating a culture of mentorship, highlights the importance of workplace mentoring programs to women and minorities, thereby accentuating the potential of effective mentoring programs in helping close gender and racial gaps in the workplace.

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High School Completion Rate Rises to Highest in U.S. History

According to new Educational Attainment data released today by the Census Bureau, the high school completion rate in the U.S. has reached its highest level in history. Today, 90 percent of the U.S. population age 25 and older has completed high school. These figures represent significant shift from 1940 when 76 percent of the population age 25 and older had not earned a high school diploma.

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42 Percent of Women have Faced Job Discrimination

According to new data from the Pew Research Center, about 4 in 10 women in the United States have experienced job discrimination. The research center’s survey found that women’s treatment in the workplace is disparate, varying from earning less for the same job to not being recognized for their professional contributions. Women in the United States are twice as likely (42 vs. 22 percent) as men to report experiencing at least one of the eight specific forms of gender discrimination identified by the Pew Research Center.

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