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NAWRB is proud to introduce our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Volume 9, Issue 2 Magazine that offers an in-depth look into how the recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected diversity, equity, and inclusion in many facets of the housing and real estate ecosystem. This issue features the voices of different minority groups, who have all been affected by the current public health and economic crisis in unique ways – from Blacks and Asian Americans who have suffered from perpetual racial bias and discrimination in our nation’s troubled history to the adverse impact the pandemic has had on the aging population and the economic growth and security of women.

Elizabeth Tumulty

 Former CBS Television Network President


Our sheCENTER(FOLD) for this issue is Elizabeth Tumulty, former President of CBS Television Network, who tells her remarkable self-made, self-defined success story. From her humble upbringings of being raised by a hard-working, loving, single mother in a poor household to climbing her way up from a secretary position to the senior executive level of the television network industry, Tumulty shares how the obstacles she faced become her core pillars of strength as a powerful negotiator and women leader in the network television industry.


Riveting Stories  

We shine a light and introduce so many firsts: Black Bill of Rights from Jasper James, Co-Founder of Activism Articulated; insight into the important work being done for Women, Peace and Security by MAJ Army Veteran Erica Courtney; a geology major’s adventure traversing the Juneau Icefield of Alaska; and a guide for increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace during this unprecedented time.


  • Black Bill of Rights by Jasper James, Co-Founder of Activism Articulated
  • Women, Peace & Security by MAJ Army Veteran Erica Courtney
  • From LA Riots to COVID-19: Addressing Racism & Discrimination Against Asian Americans by Hyepin Im, President of FACE
  • How A High School Alumnae Association in the U.S. is Fighting COVID-19 In Africa
  • Resources for Women Entrepreneurs, Business Owners During COVID-19
  • Summer on an Icefield: A Field Story in Juneau, Alaska

We are all in this together to uphold and enrich the Quality of Life for all!

Thank you for your continued support, contributions and bringing us to the table in achieving greater diversity, equity and inclusion.

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