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Introducing our Real Estate Change Volume 10, Issue 1 NAWRB Magazine with sheCENTER(FOLD), Teresa Bazemore, and captivating stories across a wide spectrum of the Greater Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem. From Our Blue Planet, Creating Fair and Equal Housing Opportunities, to Who Care for Caregivers and Going for the World Record, we challenge the mind to embrace, open our thoughts and hearts to just be better!

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Know the Rules of the Game Ⓡ Podcast: Media in the Future

What does the value of everyday negotiations mean to you? Find out more during this Wednesday’s Know the Rules of the GameⓇ Podcast: Media in the Future with your host Desirée Patno, CEO & President of Women in the Housing and Real Estate Ecosystem (NAWRB) and Special Guest Elizabeth Tumulty, former President of CBS Television Network! Tumulty and Patno will discuss the three basic rules of consuming news in a generation in which media literacy and the public confidence in mass media are at a low. www.nawrb.com/podcast/

sheCENTER(FOLD) Quinn Palomino


Co-Founder and Partner, Virtua Partners

Quinn Palomino

Quinn Palomino is the Co-Founder and Principal of Virtua Partners, a fully-integrated, private equity and real estate services firm. In this intimate discussion with NAWRB, Quinn shares her incredible story as a first-generation Vietnamese immigrant, her experience growing up in a mix of both American and Vietnamese cultures, the words of wisdom she lives and works by, and more.

NAWRB: What was your childhood like growing up in Vietnam?

Palomino: My family evacuated Saigon, Vietnam on April 30, 1975 after the Fall of Saigon and the end of the Vietnam War. The image that many people may recall is of helicopters leaving from the rooftops of the U.S. Embassy that day. Approximately 125,000 individuals like my family evacuated and many of us were allowed entrance into the US as refugees. My family was sent to Fort Chaffee in Arkansas and provided refugee housing in the barracks at Fort Chaffee as part of the what the U.S. military called “Operation New Life.” And it was exactly that for my family and I, an opportunity at a “New Life.” We later settled in Orange County, California in a little suburb called Mission Viejo.
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sheCenterfold Gina Diez Barroso


NAWRB:What obstacles did you face while developing Centro, the first university in Mexico City that specializes in creative studies? How did you overcome them?

Gina Diez Barroso: The first obstacle was they didn’t believe that we needed a new university, and they didn’t believe creativity was important. We spoke from authorities and business people, to everybody involved in this. I had to get together a diverse group of people— creative thinkers, business people, academics—who were working not for me but for my vision and my passion. They were working with me. We also hired market analysts to do a study, and the study predicted that it wasn’t going to work and that I shouldn’t do it. When I was young, I never took no for an answer. I used to think this was a bad thing, but now I take it as a compliment.

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