Women’s Cancers: Helping Women Thrive During, and After Cancer Treatment


ArtiHurria, M.D., director of City of Hope’s Cancer and Ag­ing Research Program and associate professor of medical oncology, is collaborating with researchers from across the country on several important projects. In one ongoing na­tionwide collaborative study with more than 15 institutions, and funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Hurria is evaluating risk factors for toxicity in older women receiving cancer treatment.

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Work-Life Balance: Fulfill Your Passions


Here at NAWRB, we know that success takes time and work.  Every step towards success should be celebrated. For women in the housing economy, we have shown you what is possible with our Inaugural Conference and the different avenues you can utilize to meet your goals. We have touched on the topic of balancing work with home life but we haven’t touched on the topic of having multiple jobs. Most fiction writers can’t survive on writing alone but this doesn’t stop them from writing books. This includes our very own, E.V. Fairfall who is the graphic designer here at NAWRB.

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Real Estate Agents One Step Closer To Using Drones


Technology is rapidly sweeping the real estate industry, adding innovation and ease to the home buying process. With 3D cameras, virtual tours, and aerial photography, it can be daunting for agents to keep up with the evolving landscape, especially if legality is involved. However, new guidelines and initiatives from the FAA are bringing real estate professionals one step closer to using drones for aerial photography.

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Freddie Mac Report Reveals Improving Housing Markets


Freddie Mac has released the findings of its monthly Multi-Indicator Market Index (MiMi) today which highlights the stability of the housing market from a national, state, and metro perspective. The results of March’s MiMi findings points to a more stable housing market.

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4 Troublesome Myths Regarding Female Entrepreneurship


Women are capable of becoming excellent entrepreneurs. However, there are some fallacies that deter women from fulfilling their passion of owning their own businesses. Take a look at the following four myths to avoid when you’re deciding whether or not to start your own business.

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India to USA – Poor to Rich

Screen shot 2015-09-02 at 2_52_26 PM

There is poor in America. And then, there is third-world poverty poor in India.

Few Americans will ever know what it is like to grow up in a home that doesn’t have a bathroom, but at the age of 6, I lived in a small apartment in Bombay that didn’t even have a toilet. My entire family had to use a shared bathroom outside.

Today, my children have the entire second floor of our home to themselves. They’ve seen more of the world before the age of 12 than I ever imagined I would see in my adult life.
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In a world once dominated by men, women are exacting change and taking the lead

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As an agent in Los Angeles’ high-end real estate market for nearly 10 years, I have experienced the cyclical and constantly-evolving luxury real estate market up close, and watched excitedly as real estate trends emerge and evolve before my eyes. A field once dominated by men, women now take the lead on both the broker and consumer side. On the broker side, women sell and manage the multifaceted process involved with closing a real estate transaction and as consumers, they flip, design and redesign homes, and lead the charge for owning a broad array of real estate in some of the hottest neighborhoods in town.

In the decade since I’ve been an agent, men have galvanized L.A.’s real estate market with pricey quintessential California moderns. You know the ones—the white modern boxes with walls of glass and views from Downtown L.A. to the ocean. Men are taking these sexy bachelor pads, many with home theaters, auto gallery-style garages and even nightclubs, to a whole new level while paying the price tag of ‘whatever it takes’ to achieve the ultimate dream, the girl, the lifestyle or fill the void that was missing in high school. Much like yachts and exotic cars, these are ‘trophy’ properties that assert a certain status amongst the people who build and buy them.
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1st Impressions


Today’s world is primarily digital; between LinkedIn, Skype, Facebook and more, it’s easy to forget what is being lost: the physical connection. In most situations, you’ll meet a new boss or client online before  meeting them face-to-face and though you’ll recognize them, it’s important to remember you still need to make a good first impression. There are many aspects that can affect a first impression such as clothes, mannerisms, etiquette and most importantly, the first handshake. Though often overlooked, the first handshake can reveal crucial information that the digital world has kept hidden.

Stereotypes highlight men as having a firm handshake while women are relegated  to the weak, loose handshake. Here you will learn what handshake you have, what it means and what handshake you should adopt as your own, moving forward.
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