Women Veterans in Business: Unique Challenges and Opportunities

Veterans are in the minority of the American workforce and female veterans are an even smaller subset of the population, however, the impact veterans and women veterans can make to society can be huge. This is a point made by NAWRB Magazine contributor and Army Veteran Erica Courtney as she moderated our panel Women Veterans in Business: Unique Challenges and Opportunities.

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Walking On The Glass Floor by Judy Hoberman

Think about this…you’ve worked hard to get where you are. You are respected by your colleagues and maybe even envied by your friends. You have a great reputation and are known for your integrity, honesty and intelligence plus a whole lot more…and yet, deep down inside you have that “feeling” that sometimes you are…for lack of a better term, an imposter. You are putting on a great front on the outside and inside you have that internal conflict… am I enough? I’ve interviewed enough women to know that this is one of the missing pieces in the puzzle of leadership. This takes courage, and that it one of the seven unexpected qualities of women who lead.

It’s funny when the word leadership is mentioned, everyone thinks of the CEO of a large company with hundreds of people that you are responsible for. You can be a leader of 100, 10 or…even simply yourself. Leadership is about you and me and who we are in this position, and who we can be. Whether you are moving out of a dorm room or moving into an executive suite, you are already a leader. The goal is not to just invite you to be in that position, but to stay and let the magic happen.

Every day there is another woman who is standing out in her field, and making things happen, change, transform and create a better future of opportunities for the women coming through the ranks. The amazing part is that these women are younger and younger and have tools available to them that the women we call trailblazers didn’t have. They have platforms to speak on and mentors to question and yes, they are making a difference in our everyday lives. They are the future of women in leadership and their confidence in knowing that is something we admire.

There are seven qualities of leadership that I direct my readers, clients and colleagues to. You will likely recognize that many, if not all, are part of who you are. You may have pushed them down so they need some polish to put the shine back on and bring them up to the surface. We are reminded to find our voices, get a seat at the table, learn to negotiate and to support other women. Yes to all of those qualities, and let’s go one step further…or seven to be exact. Here are those qualities that just might be your hidden gems:
1. Passion
2. Authenticity
3. Courage
4. Communication
5. Decisiveness
6. Resilience
7. Generosity

Consider this your invitation to reconnect with these seven “unexpected” essential leadership qualities. As my tagline reminds us, “Women Want To Be Treated Equally Not Identically”™, let’s bring women onto the glass floor and not only walk, but dance together and create a movement to the future of women in leadership. In addition, we have created a non-profit foundation by the same name, where we will donate a portion of the proceeds of every book sold to companies, associations, charities, social causes and scholarships and plan to start a movement about women in leadership.

Settling Up in Cincinnati, a Top City for Single Women Homebuyers

June is National Homeownership Month. This article is part of an ongoing series focusing on different aspects of women’s homeownership.


Single Women Outpace Men in Homeownership


In our 2018 Women in the Housing and Ecosystem Report, we found women have outpaced single men in homeownership consistently since 1986. This trend has most likely sustained because the reasons women seek homeownership are powerful, both from an economic and an emotional standpoint.

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Attain Clear Skin in Spite of Your Allergies

Since women in the housing economy are always on the go, they may not realize when their allergies are flaring and how it affects their skin. Traveling from house to house can spark allergies, making your skin look lackluster. However, there is help.

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Women’s Cancers: Helping Women Thrive During, and After Cancer Treatment

ArtiHurria, M.D., director of City of Hope’s Cancer and Ag­ing Research Program and associate professor of medical oncology, is collaborating with researchers from across the country on several important projects. In one ongoing na­tionwide collaborative study with more than 15 institutions, and funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Hurria is evaluating risk factors for toxicity in older women receiving cancer treatment.

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Work-Life Balance: Fulfill Your Passions

Here at NAWRB, we know that success takes time and work.  Every step towards success should be celebrated. For women in the housing economy, we have shown you what is possible with our Inaugural Conference and the different avenues you can utilize to meet your goals. We have touched on the topic of balancing work with home life but we haven’t touched on the topic of having multiple jobs. Most fiction writers can’t survive on writing alone but this doesn’t stop them from writing books. This includes our very own, E.V. Fairfall who is the graphic designer here at NAWRB.

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Exercise: Tackle Your Busy Schedule With Renewed Energy

Being a successful woman in the real estate industry means your days are most likely hectic and stressful. The last thing you probably want to do is go to the gym. If you can motivate yourself to go, you may end up on the treadmill the entire time because the weight area intimidates you and/or you’re scared to ask questions. Sure, you look and feel great in your designer power suit, but that feeling can quickly melt away once the suit comes off.

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A New Road to Revenue

The housing industry can offer a flexible schedule, especially with real estate. With the ability to control your own schedule, you can maximize your flexibility while making extra money in the process. But how? Pet sitting is the easy answer. It can provide a great source of revenue in addition to being enjoyable.

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Attend NAWRB’s Women in Housing Financial Fitness Road Show

The National Association of Women in Real Estate Businesses (NAWRB) in collaboration with Veterans Preference Inc. presents the Women in Housing Financial Fitness Road Show and Military Women in Business on May 21 in San Diego, California. NAWRB’s road show will provide a specialized hybrid of women in housing and women in government outreach on how to grow their businesses both vertically and horizontally.

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