Toni Moss

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Founder and CEO of AmeriCatalyst and EuroCatalyst

Toni MossScreen shot 2015-08-18 at 11_27_41 AM

The inspiring CEO of AmeriCatalyst and EuroCatalyst shares her insights on the future of the mortgage industry,  state of the global economy, and what she’s doing to promote awareness of present and future economic conditions.

NAWRB: Your early career started in venture capital with a focus on tech start-ups before moving to the mortgage industry. What sparked your interest in the mortgage industry to make the switch?

Toni Moss: It was more my corporate intelligence background that led to my interest in the mortgage industry, although my experience with tech start-ups did help. In the early 90’s, I was working for one of the world’s largest multinationals, which was losing money in their financial services division. Ultimately, we found that it was due to a software glitch in their servicing platform. That piqued my interest. At the same time, I met a brilliant underwriter who had an idea to create a cutting-edge due diligence firm with bleeding-edge technology. I initially made an investment in the new company, and ended up immersed in it myself. We specialized in evaluating and acquiring non-performing loan portfolios primarily for Wall Street firms. We were also chosen as one of the subcontractors on the HUD Single Family Loan Sales, which were the largest series of loan sales in history. The more I saw in terms of the dysfunction of servicers, the more enthralled I became about making a difference. Everyone viewed the servicers as the “back office” of the originators, while I saw them as the front office for investors and borrowers. I had the benefit of being an outsider, which always makes you see things differently.
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