Creating a Culture in a Virtual Company

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Working from home has grown significantly in prevalence during the last decade. Innovative employment ideologies, companies with flexible schedules and advances in technology have all helped make going into the office increasingly optional.

As virtual businesses increase and established companies adopt work-from-home aspects, it is crucial to establish a culture in order for the company to run smoothly despite the lack of an office space.


Maintaining a stable work environment is especially important for virtual companies; miscommunication is already a factor because employees cannot communicate face-to-face with each other or their superiors, so any unforeseen changes to the work or company have that much more of an effect.

Stability can come in the form of established work schedules, tasks and organized meetings. This clearly outlines everyone’s responsibilities and provides a place and time for employees to discuss company agenda and issues.

Good Communication

Communication is essential in every relationship, including professional ones. Since you don’t have the luxury of merely turning your desk chair and asking your coworker for clarification, it is crucial to communicate often and well in a virtual company.

Talking over the phone is key; you can clearly express what you mean while also interacting with and building relationships with other people in the company. Emailing is useful when you have to refer back to directions or a project you were assigned, and instant messenger is effective when you have a quick question or issue that can be resolved with a short answer.

Online Presence

Because you don’t have an office, establishing a strong online presence can help employees feel included and part of the company. A good website is essential in strengthening customers’ and employees’ confidence. A LinkedIn page is necessary so employees can list the company as their employer, and established signature lines with a company logo or graphic will create unity and camaraderie within the company.

One of the most important things in a company is its culture. By making a concerned effort, virtual companies can create a culture that is unaffected by the lack of an office.

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