SHETalk: Rebecca Steele on Becoming a Disruptor

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  “My Story Is Different Than Most”

“It’s just been an incredible conference. The women who have been here and all of you who I’ve met with have been the highlight of my year so far, really,” said Rebecca Steele taking over the stage for her SHETalk on day two of our conference.

Her story, she revealed, is different than most. “I have been through crisis,” she said, “But I will tell you that I’ve been very, very fortunate to have some of the opportunities that I’ve had.”

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Stories of Character and Courage-NDILC Luncheon Panel


After a jam-packed morning of information and new industry developments, our conference attendees were treated to an informal panel session led by NDILC (NAWRB Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council) Chairwoman, President & CEO of NAWRB Desirée Patno, Co-chair Vanessa Montañez, and Council Members Sarah Goldfrank, Dr. Chitra Dorai, Stacey M. Walker, and Teresa Palacios Smith.

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2018 Live Conference Updates: OMWI/Procuring Contracts


Procuring contracts may not sound the most glamorous of topics, however, this panel was not only information-packed but all of our speakers from government and local agencies made themselves incredibly accessible to our attendees. Continue reading

Beyond Abuse: Finding Our Voice on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

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It started with a phone call from Capital One Financial Corporation on January 14th, 2016. “Ms. Patno, are you the sole owner of Desiree Patno Enterprises, Inc.?”

That simple call was how I found out that my husband’s accountant had been dispersing my unsigned business checks illegally, with some going into her personal accounts and several others paying her bills directly.

I was (and still am) angry that not only my trust was betrayed, but after years of hard work and developing a reputation as a successful businesswoman in the housing and real estate sector, I was, to put it quite simply, duped.

How could this happen to me? And if this could happen to me, in my mid-fifties, plugged into and engaged fully in my businesses, what happens to women older than me, with fewer resources at their fingertips and perhaps cognitive issues?

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Ready, Set, Grow: An Interview with Rosalind Booker!


In addition to a cup of coffee, NAWRB kicked off our Wednesday with an incredible sheCall, Ready, Set, Grow! Living in the “I Can Consciousness – Knocking the ‘t’ off of Can’t” Works!, featuring NAWRB Certified Delegate Spokeswomen Rosalind Booker, Principal Broker-Owner, Arbrook Realty and Terry Rasner-Yacenda, Broker/Owner, Reno/Tahoe Realty Group, LLC.

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Older Americans Month 2017


John F. Kennedy designated May 1963 as Senior Citizens Month after meeting with the National Council of Senior Citizens, encouraging all Americans to honor older people across the country. Every year since, the president has issued a formal proclamation during the month of May in support of older Americans. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter officially changed the observance’s name to Older Americans Month.

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FDIC Economic Inclusion Summit 2017: Highlighting Real Issues

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Today, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) hosts its first Economic Inclusion Summit exploring strategies to bring consumers into the financial mainstream. NAWRB CEO & President Desirée Patno and Government Relations Chairwoman Silvia N. Rathell are in attendance, participating in the mission to increase the involvement and impact of disenfranchised American consumers.

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NAWRB Digs Our Heels into the Ground in Washington, D.C.


With National Small Business Week just five days away, what better time for NAWRB to attend decisive Washington, D.C. meetings and events? As a leading voice for women and women-owned and small businesses in the housing ecosystem, we recognize the importance of being on the edge of new developments and maintaining our pivotal relationships in the nation’s capital.

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NAWRB Announces Ten-X as a Premier Strategic Partner


The National Association of Women in Real Estate Businesses (NAWRB) is proud to announce Ten-X as a Premier Strategic Partner.  A real estate technology industry powerhouse, Ten-X recognizes the importance of growing the community of women and women-owned and small businesses in the housing ecosystem.

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