sheCall: Preview to the 4th Annual NAWRB Nexus Conference!

Rosalind Booker, Principal Broker/Owner, Arbrook Realty interviews NAWRB CEO and President Desirée Patno. Desirée tells us her story and NAWRB’s, detailing the “why” and “how.”

After numerous calls with Patno in 2016, Booker attended the 3rd Annual NAWRB Women’s Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Conference; she went into the conference an agent and left opening up her own brokerage.

In under a year, Rosalind Booker has become a NAWRB Elite Member, NAWRB Certified Delegate Spokeswoman, and Arbrook Realty recently became certified as a Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB). Booker now also sits on several women’s boards in multiple cities. Rosalind, her company, and her bottom line are on the rise.

Find out how you too can unlock your business growth and jumpstart your success!

Listen below!

Shecall: READY, SET, GROW!


Rosalind Booker, Principal Broker-Owner, Arbrook Realty, will host this sheCall addressing powerful ways to change your mindset in order to win! Including an interview portion, this call is a must-attend for entrepreneurs looking to maximize their potential and raise their bottom lines.

Sharon Asar, Deputy Ombudsman, CFPB Ombudsman’s Office


Discover resources offered by the CFPB Ombudsman’s Office for women-owned and small businesses from Sharon Asar, Deputy Ombudsman, CFPB Ombudsman’s Office!
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fifth annual report   |   webpage   |    blog

The annual report includes:
o   The first two sections, which include newly designed materials to inform our stakeholders about our resource as well as examples of how we used our toolbox of resources to assist in resolving CFPB process issues.

o   We also have discussions on our second Ombudsman Forum, individual inquiries to our office, as well as two broader studies – memorialization of ex parte communications and consumers’ options to identify concerns with their companies as provided in the CFPB’s public Consumer Complaint Database.

In addition, please download this one-pager regarding the CFPB Ombudsman’s office