Pendo Executive Alicia Branstetter Receives NAWRB’s Roaring Thirty Award

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LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo., June 19, 2017 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Pendo, a nationwide appraisal management company, announced that Alicia Branstetter, the company’s vice president of marketing, has received the NAWRB (National Association of Women in Real Estate Businesses) Roaring Thirty Award.
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Desirée Patno takes it everywhere she goes, except the bath

Desirée Patno began seeing double this fall. After two months, the condition has only gotten more pronounced.

It began on the morning of October 30th. Patno remembers the date because she bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet the night before. She was on a flight from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas and she was praising the machine, along with the service she’d gotten at the Microsoft Store, to her seatmate when the double vision started.

Her seatmate smiled and pulled out his own Surface Pro 4.
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Gaining Repeat Customers and Protecting Your Business

In today’s day and age leveraging technology in your business should be one of your top priorities, and with the variety of services from which to select, you must be an expert at choosing the right technology at the right time.

A recent survey from Microsoft, Customer Expectations are Evolving: How Technology Helps SMB’s Meet Customer Demands, reveals:

 –  50 percent of consumers prefer interacting with businesses digitally versus in person

 –  49 percent prefer to sign contracts or other documents digitally

 –  57 percent say it’s important that a business remembers them and their preferences

Strategically utilizing technology to best serve your customers needs to be an unmoving tenet in your customer service that evolves alongside technological innovations. Accommodating your consumer is the ticket to success, and having repeat customers who see you as their go-to real estate agent will drive your sustainability.

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Maximize Mortgage Applications with Women Clients

Home prices are the highest they’ve been since July 2006, appreciating 5.5 percent annually in September, according to the recently released S&P Case-Shiller index. Sellers are enjoying ideal conditions: rising prices, limited home inventory and low mortgage rates combining to create healthy competition for available properties. Buyers rarely secure their preferred home, and sellers have little to do in the way of renovations to ensure their house is promptly purchased.

How long with this seller’s market last?

A recent Zillow survey reveals that experts forecast the present seller’s market becoming a buyer’s market by 2019. Zillow Chief Economist, Dr. Svenja Gudell, has stated that as home inventory increases and home price appreciation slows we can expect the market to “meaningfully swing in favor of buyers within the next two to three years.”

As the market develops, creating more favorable conditions for buyers, women homebuyers are a market poised to grow.

In 2015, the homeownership rate of female householders in 1-person households was 24.56 percent higher than the homeownership rate of male householders in the same category, according to U.S. Census Bureau data on national household demographics. Despite earning less, single women are becoming homeowners in formidable numbers.

Supported by college educations generating higher incomes, the approaching buyer’s market will only strengthen the already commanding purchasing activity of women homebuyers.

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Marketing to Women Consumers

Are you tech savvy? If you answered no to this question, you are most likely hurting your business’s bottom line. Due to technology, it is no longer enough to be a subject matter expert in your field. You have to adapt to the times and become educated on gender-based marketing strategies.

Your Demographic
Knowing your audience is the basis of any marketing plan. According to 2015 Pew Research Center data, 44 percent of women use Pinterest vs. 16 percent of men; if you’re target audience is women, this is just one example showing that certain social media sites hold more value than others.
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The NAWRB Women’s Homeownership Initiative

Homeownership is a central part of the American dream, for most people, it is the American Dream. Owning a home connotes success and achievement.

As women progress in the workforce and receive the consideration and participation they have earned, it is essential to fortify their growth with strong economic foundations. Why is it important for women to become homeowners? Homeownership provides the financial security to safeguard women’s progress, and paves the way for future generations.

Women continue to face obstacles in their career paths, with a pervasive 27 percent gender wage gap and lack of advancement in hierarchy. This disparity significantly impacts women’s ability to incur savings and secure a home to call their own, as their paychecks don’t travel nearly as far as men’s.
There are encouraging facts, however. According to 2014 Census Bureau data, there are 18,057,000 female homeowners in the United States. Ten million live alone, 6.7 million live with relatives without a husband present and 1.3 million live in two-or-more person households.
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Utilize Your Resources to Build a Winning Business Plan

From marketing to your audience, recruiting effectively and leveraging technology, there are several crucial facets to creating a successful business, not the least of which is utilizing the resources at your disposal to grow business accomplishments.

As a real estate professional, you have to think outside the box in order to thrive in the competitive housing ecosystem. One of these innovative ideas is working with the government. As a real estate professional dealing with properties in your community and county, you may not think you are suited or qualified to work with the government, but you may be.
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Capitalizing on your Business Classification – Women-owned

Theme: The Innovators: Sure-fire Strategies from Today’s Top Marketers

Capitalizing on your Business Classification – Women-owned

In today’s competitive business arena, a minute detail or decision can mean the difference between long-term success and immediate failure. In the real estate industry, where networking and connections play such a significant role in business performance, what you and your business connote is particularly vital.

As a professional in this highly competitive marketplace, not utilizing the business classifications at your disposal is an oversight. A strategy as old as the industry itself is tailoring to your community. You must play to your strengths, and increasing your business’s appeal to a particular market including potential homebuyers is essential. For women business owners, the utilization of women-owned business classification is vital.
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Women of Influence 2016 – HousingWire recognizes the most influential women in housing

For the sixth time, HousingWire is recognizing women leading out in our industry in mortgage lending, servicing, investing and real estate with our Women of Influence award.

Although these 43 women represent a range of occupations within the housing economy, all of them demonstrate leadership that inspires those in their own company, in their communities and in the industry at large.

Some of our 2016 award winners have worked their way up in traditional mortgage companies, while others started their own businesses. They have made their mark in marketing, technology, economics, compliance, asset management, operations and business development. Their fields of accomplishments vary but their impact is indisputable.

Reading through this year’s nominations, one of the things that stood out about our winners is their tremendous value to the companies they run, or work for. This value comes not only from the job duties they perform — although those were impressive on their own merits — but also in the way they lead and mentor others within their companies.

Many of our winners mentor other women in the industry, run internship programs for college students or work with business groups in disadvantaged areas. Others coordinated volunteer programs for their employees or served on advisory boards that inform the industry. Investing time and effort to see others succeed is a hallmark of this group, and should be celebrated in its own right.

We’re happy to do just that, and invite you to find out more about each of these winners, the most influential women in housing.  FIND THE FULL LIST HERE

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 9.38.17 AMAs CEO of the National Association of Women in Real Estate Businesses, Desiree Patno champions the contributions women are making in the industry and works to support and sustain women-owned businesses.

As part of that effort, Patno created the Women’s Global Resource Center to connect women in housing with a depository of vendors and clients to increase opportunities for inclusion at all levels. She also created the Women in Housing Financial Fitness Road Show, partnering with the Small Business Administration to increase business growth and opportunities.

Patno led NAWRB’s Women’s Homeownership Initiative, dedicated to preparing women for owning a home and improving data collection for women’s homeownership. By increasing women’s homeownership throughout the nation, NAWRB is helping decrease women’s poverty and cement women’s personal and professional strides.

Patno also filled a pivotal role in creating conversation between the FDIC, CFPB, FHFA and SBA regarding housing issues and the manners in which they could best serve and aid consumers.

In addition, Patno created NAWRB Magazine, an international publication featuring exclusive interviews, business development tools, access to capital and market studies, in addition to federal initiatives and legislation updates affecting the housing economy’s women.

She also made history for women with NAWRB’s inaugural conference as she interviewed Dodd-Frank’s Section 342 author, Rep. Maxine Waters, and associated OMWI executive directors. She brought women-owned small businesses full circle by featuring Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae supplier diversity, financial institutions and several of the agencies associated with the Small Business Administration, including the oversight of the use of small businesses.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 9.38.29 AM