If Men and Women Are More Similar Than Not, Why Do They Feel Differently About Homeownership?

The unique challenges women have faced in the past and continue to face today make owning a home a tangible sign of success for a woman. A woman’s home is a space to creatively express desires and dreams and to evoke certain feelings. From a practical standpoint, it’s an investment and source of security that remains a constant regardless of her marital status.

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Women’s Advancement in Real Estate: An Interview with Sara Sutachan

What was the inspiration behind WomanUP!? What motivated you to become involved in the women’s movement?

I’ve actually always been a feminist. My mom is a single mom—my dad has always been around—but my mom was a really strong independent woman and she’s my role model. I came to work for the California Association of Realtors® (CAR) and had another amazing role model in Leslie Appleton-Young. I’ve always been attracted to follow strong women, and read books and articles about the women’s movement and the gender gap.

In my role at CAR, I oversee the industry and broker relations, and part of that is interacting and building relationships with the brokerage community and meeting with them on a regular basis. As I met with CEOs and some of the largest brokerage firms in California, I always wanted a balanced room. What I found was that I was hard-pressed to find that balance because the people who led the larger brokerage firms tended to be male.

I’d been noticing this, and even if it wasn’t a large firm, I would make sure women sat at the table. I thought to myself, “This is crazy. We should do something about this.” I couldn’t really drive it home until I got a call from Gretchen Pearson; she was going to speak at a women’s event and said, “I want to know data. Do you have any data on women leaders?” We really didn’t at that point. I had my own personal experience with not finding those women on the rosters, so then we dug into the data. I had my staff look at the largest brokerage firms in California and Google which leaderswere men and which were women. We found that 36 percent of firms were either run by women or had women at the C-level or in management at the top California brokerage firms with over 100 agents. We analyzed a list of approximately 200 of these firms.
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4th Annual NAWRB Conference

Scores of executive women and industry leaders came together for women’s economic growth, million-dollar contracting opportunities and invaluable resources at the 2017 NAWRB Nexus Conference: Women’s Collaboration for the Future. From July 16th-19th, 2017, NAWRB’s expert panelists equipped attendees with actionable solutions and specialized forecasts, providing a comprehensive inside look at the near future of the housing ecosystem.

The excitement was palpable as attendees filtered into the Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa and settled into their seats next to future strategic partners and collaborators. Desirée Patno, NAWRB CEO and President, kick-started the event by recognizing the hard work that went into making the conference possible and the professionals who made time in their busy schedules to be a part of the diversity and inclusion (D&I) movement.

The Investment Opportunities: Access to Capital Facilitator workshop commenced sessions with Robert Fragoso, Realtor, CEO, Investor, who with over 28 years of experience in real estate investing and flipping homes described the importance of recognizing industry trends when making investments that will maintain profitability in the future.

“I came with the intent to share some of my experiences and knowledge—having been a part of so many homes that have been flipped—and what I see in the marketplace,” stated Fragoso. “Not necessarily what’s going on today, because that’s ever-evolving, but to have attendees learn how to spot the changes and the next opportunity so that they can be not just following the trend, they’re essentially the trendsetter.”

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Top 5 Characteristics of Highly Successful Women

Top 5 Characteristics of Highly Successful Women

In today’s world, success can be defined by the number of years you have been married, the position you hold in your company, the size of your bank account or the house that you own. While each woman may define success differently, there is no denying that successful women over the world have similar characteristics that indeed set them apart from the rest.

Having worked with a number of incredibly talented, well-educated, highly successful women over the years, we have come to notice that there are specific characteristics that highly successful women all have in common. These are the characteristics that women have incorporated into their every-day lives because being ordinary simply wasn’t good enough. In doing so, they have earned high-level positions at some of the world’s biggest companies and have empowered other women to do the same.

 1) They are passionate about their lives, both personally and professionally.

There is a saying that states, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Nearly 14% of C-Suite jobs are held by women, and you can bet those women love what they do. When someone has passion for the work they do in their industry, it drives them to want to do more, to be more, and to give more to those around them. This passion is infectious; it’s magnetic. They become the women that everyone wants to be around. Their passion empowers others to give their all to the company which in turn leads to growth and overall well-being throughout their environment.

2) They manage their expectations realistically.

In a study by the Harvard Business Review, researchers concluded that generally speaking, men felt confident applying for a job where they met only 60% of the qualifications whereas women only felt confident applying if they met 100% of the qualifications. Further research suggests that over time, the most successful women have realized that striving for absolute perfection is an epic waste of time and energy and only leads to disappointment and unhappiness.

Barnard president Debora Spar states it best in her op-ed piece for Glamour magazine, “We each, if we’re lucky, will have our chance to leave a mark on the world, but we are trying too hard to be perfect. So don’t emulate Wonder Woman; think about what’s wonderful to you instead. Then boldly, audaciously, joyfully, leave the rest behind.”

 3) They do not hesitate to take risks.

Some of the world’s greatest achievements were obtained simply because someone somewhere took a calculated risk; they stepped out of the confines of traditional thinking and paved the way towards progress. Successful women don’t merely follow the paths of others, they break out and form new paths of their own. As Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, states, “If you push through that feeling of being scared; that feeling of taking risk, really amazing things can happen.” The same can be said for author J.K. Rowling who never in a million years believed that anyone would appreciate her incredible storytelling until her Harry Potter series became a smashing success.

4) They realize that sometimes failure is part of the process.

Everyone experiences failure from time to time. The sign of a truly successful woman is in how she handles those failures. Empowered women realize that growth comes from failure if they are able to take a step back and analyze the process. They ask themselves,” What went wrong and how can I improve things in the future?” Having the ability to handle failure with grace and dignity while problem-solving and growing their company is definitely a characteristic of highly successful women. This could explain the fact that women are starting businesses at 1.5 times the rate of men. Failure is not an option; it’s a learning experience.

5) They understand the importance of nurturing authentic relationships with others.

This is exactly what NAWRB is all about; creating an environment where women can come together to encourage, educate, and empower one another. It is of the utmost importance to have a tribe of women that can be relied upon and trusted in order to build one’s businesses on a solid foundation. When women ban together, network and pool their resources, and encourage one another in the process, they bring to the table something that is more valuable than gold. Highly successful women want to see other women succeed as well and are more than happy to contribute to that success in any way possible.

These top 5 characteristics of highly successful women represent just a fraction of what it takes to make it in the world of women’s small business.


Why joining the NAWRB movement matters?

Since August of 2010, NAWRB has been championing women in business, to bring more diversity and inclusion to the real estate industry through awareness, opportunities, and access.  

Through NAWRB we help women in real estate advance themselves toward meeting and exceeding their professional aspirations by educating, empowering, and connecting opportunities to their professional development and business success.

Join our elite group of women who strive to succeed personally and professionally with their businesses helping advance women forward regardless of the obstacles placed in front of them.


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With our rapid expansion and brand awareness comes the increased need for passionate women to promote business opportunities and boost sales. We’re looking for women that share our vision of advocating and promoting for women and women-owned businesses specializing in the housing economy.

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Celebrate National Small Business Week and promote collaboration among women by participating in the NAWRB Membership Drive. Now through June 30th, NAWRB members have the opportunity to receive NAWRB Dollars through our drive. Current members receive a 10% referral fee when signing up a friend. This fee, translated into NAWRB Dollars, can be used for membership dues, NAWRB marketing services, advertising and event passes.

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Update: Learn the Latest Developments at NAWRB

NAWRB is rapidly growing in presence and membership each day. Our corporate headquarters is buzzing with new business and exciting developments. With that being said, we’d like to share our growth with our readers to not only spread the enthusiasm but show what NAWRB is doing to advocate and promote for women in the housing economy.

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