Running Guide


Proper Running Technique

Try not to overstride. When you lengthen your legs out too far in front of you while running, you can injure yourself. Instead, run in a way that feels comfortable for you. Try to land in the middle of your foot as opposed to on your heel or toe. This helps to absorb the shock and is best for your calves and knees. Once you have landed in the middle of your foot, you should roll through to your toes. Make sure you are standing erect and looking straight forward. Make sure your shoulders are back—but that you’re still comfortable.

Proper Running Shoes

According to Running Warehouse, people should purchase running shoes that are a size bigger than their normal shoe size. The reason for this is because running shoes generally run small. It’s also important to have your feet measured once every year because they can increase in size with age, and with pregnancy. When trying on running shoes, it’s best to do so later in the day, because feet tend to swell toward the end of the day. Runners can use the website to find the perfect shoe for their height, weight, foot shape, running level, and more.





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