She is Superpower: Women’s Pathways to Success Event


Desirée Patno is the CEO and President of Women in the Housing and Real Estate Ecosystem (NAWRB) and Desirée Patno Enterprises, Inc. (DPE). With almost three decades specializing in the Housing and Real Estate Ecosystem, she leads her executive team’s expertise of championing women’s economic growth and independence.

Join NAWRB and circles of influencers for half-day event in Dallas, Texas at Service First Mortgage on Thursday, May 24th, from 12 PM to 4 PM, CST. Attendees will explore unique opportunities for personal, professional, and economic growth, and discover strategies to create and increase balance, wealth, health, confidence, and homeownership.

Our event speakers include executive women leaders in the industry, including Stacie Rankey, Director of Client Relations & Business Development; Rosalind Booker, CEO of Arbrook Realty; Pam Goodwin, CEO of Goodwin Commercial; Kimberly Evans, President & CEO or Purposed Consulting; Judy Hoberman, President of Selling in a Skirt; and Desiree Patno, CEO & President of NAWRB.

Behind every successful woman is a group of women supporting her, building her up and keeping her motivated. Do you have that support system? Do you have someone helping you make connections and get information from women around the world?

This event will teach you how to integrate yourself into the business, build on your strengths and find the tools you need for success. Are you willing to take the time to invest in yourself?

Tap into your full potential and accomplish greatness. Buy your tickets for $25 here.


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