U.S. Women More Likely to Have Multiple Jobs

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Even though a majority of American workers are single jobholders, more workers are steadily holding more than one job in order to have another source of income,  gain more experience and explore multiple interests. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Multiple Jobholders in the United States: 2013 report, which looks at characteristics of workers by sex, industry, occupation and work schedule, about 13 million workers have two or more jobs.

The report states that 8.3 percent of workers had more than one job, and most held both of these jobs for the entire year in 2013. Most workers with multiple jobs have two jobs, but a small percentage at 6.9 percent worked more than two jobs. Women were more likely than men to work two jobs—8.8 percent compared to 8.0 percent, respectively.

The more jobs one has, the more difficult it is to manage work hours, which shows great time management skills of multi-job holders. Those with multiple jobs were likely to work full time at their main job and part time at their other job(s). Women, however, were more likely to work part time at all their jobs, while men were more likely to work full time at every job they had.

Overall, men and women with only one job were more likely to work a full-time schedule than those with multiple jobs. For example, 69.8 percent of women with one job worked full time, while 54.5 percent of women with at least two jobs worked full time at their main job.

Men and women with multiple jobs were likely to stay in the same industry they were familiar with. For men with multiple jobs, 73.8 percent jobs in the same industry while 75.1 stayed in the same occupation. Among women, 66 percent had jobs in the same industry, while 69.3 percent had jobs in the same occupation. Women with multiple jobs were more likely to have a variety of jobs compared to their male counterparts.

Read the full report here.

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