Women Veteran Entrepreneur Webinar: December 4th, 2017

Erica Courtney, U.S. Army combat veteran and 2020vet CEO, will host an upcoming webinar helping women veteran entrepreneurs take advantage of their resources and leverage their talent and skills for success. Veteran-owned businesses, which number at 2.5 million and employ 5 million people, have tremendous potential for growth, and it is imperative to support these entrepreneurs as they grow their enterprises.

Monday, December 4th, 2017: Understanding Resources Available to You, Decoding the Certification Game and ‘Fast-Tracking’ You Towards Success

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If you are a women veteran business owner, it is pretty safe to say that you have seen some of the federal or corporate-funded training programs available to you. Which are worth your time? As a group, we are highly-educated, and statistics show we hold more advanced degrees than any other business group demographic. Do we really need more canned basic business courses that don’t capitalize on our strengths and understand us as a community? Often what is missing is peer-peer mentorship.

We as women veterans are used to tough talk and being mission focused; we understand how to overcome adversity. Through entrepreneurship, you have continued purpose; but you must be able to translate your military story into civilian speak and own that power of being a veteran. Register today to learn the tools available to women veteran entrepreneurs and participate in powerful peer-peer support. Get that fire in your belly, own your story, and Lead from the Front!

Erica Courtney has also authored a six-part autobiographical series for NAWRB Magazine, the first installment of which will be available in our upcoming magazine, Women’s Collaboration for the Future. To read the current issue of NAWRB Magazine, Small Business Sustainability, please click here.

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