4 Troublesome Myths Regarding Female Entrepreneurship


Women are capable of becoming excellent entrepreneurs. However, there are some fallacies that deter women from fulfilling their passion of owning their own businesses. Take a look at the following four myths to avoid when you’re deciding whether or not to start your own business.

  1. Female Entrepreneurs Can’t Balance Family and Work

According to small business owner Deborah Sweeney, featured in Time Magazine, entrepreneurship can benefit family life.” You can find the right balance when you’re the master of your own destiny,” she says.  She goes on to say that her children are able to view her excellent work ethic, making them more susceptible to doing well in the job market. She also doesn’t have to hire a sitter because she remains home with her children.

  1. It Will Take Up Way Too Much Time

Although being an entrepreneur will certainly make you busy, it allows for flexible hours. When you work for yourself you decide when you work. You don’t have to adhere to someone else’s schedule, nor do you have to work late nights if you don’t want to.

  1. You Have to be a Young Male

Being an older entrepreneur can actually allow for more success. Contrary to popular believe you don’t have to be a 20-something male with fresh new ideas. When you are older, you’re wiser. You know yourself and how to pick yourself up when you fall. Women are known to become more comfortable with themselves as they age, giving them confidence to trust their own decisions, go with their gut, and create a great product.

  1. Women’s Businesses Need to Sell “Female Friendly” Products

This myth caters to a 1950’s idea that women can only make products for their home or family. While those categories are wonderful in themselves, women certainly aren’t limited to these two groups. The purpose of Deborah Sweeney’s business is to help launch other small businesses and she is doing exponentially well; bringing in $9 million a year.

Livia Whisenhunt is another female entrepreneur succeeding in a field that isn’t traditionally seen as “female friendly.” She runs a business called PS Energy Group—a leader in fuel management and fleet asset management for business, industry and government.

There are numerous more successful entrepreneurial women and it’s important for women to understand that it is certainly possible for them to be one as well. Women can be as successful as men, but they need to start with a belief in themselves.

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