Top 10 Colleges for Women Entrepreneurs


When it comes to success, nobody does it alone. From Fortune 500 CEOs to your local mom and pop shop owner, everyone has received help along the way. Support is crucial in the early stages of one’s endeavors; it can inspire invaluable belief and confidence in the person receiving it. Women entrepreneurs are one group attaining success at a rapid pace despite facing several obstacles. As the support and resources for these women continues to grow, their success will also persist on its upward trajectory.

In the 2015-2016 edition of their Universities Report, from January 2010 to July 2015 PitchBook examined the best colleges for startup founders and funding. The report examines U.S. and European schools, undergraduate and MBA programs and even addresses unicorns (companies valued at $1 billion or higher).

The top 20 universities for female entrepreneurs, arranged into undergraduate and MBA programs are as follows:


  1. Stanford: 70-67-$423
  2. University of Pennsylvania: 62-59-$249
  3. UC Berkeley: 57-56-$235
  4. Harvard: 48-48-$528
  5. MIT: 42-41-$251
  6. New York University: 39-38-$105
  7. University of Michigan: 35-29-$194
  8. Yale: 34-34-$219
  9. Cornell: 32-31-$226
  10. University of Texas: 31-31-$80


  1. Harvard: 90-82-$1,200
  2. Stanford: 65-61-$234
  3. University of Pennsylvania: 40-37-$437
  4. MIT: 35-33-$115
  5. Columbia: 34-34-$140
  6. Northwestern: 22-20-$134
  7. UC Berkeley: 17-17-$95
  8. University of Chicago: 13-13-$16
  9. INSEAD: 13-13-$139
  10. University of Michigan/NYU: 12-10/12-$30/$37

*entrepreneur count-company count-capital raised ($M)

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