Top 10 NAWRB Stories of 2017

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As another year comes to a close, we’d like to look back and highlight our Top 10 Stories from 2017. From opening a Washington, D.C. Office to releasing our inaugural Women in Housing Ecosystem Report (WHER), NAWRB has had a historic year!

We thank our Members, Partners, Collaborators and Community for your support as we continue to meaningfully advance women’s economic growth in the housing ecosystem in 2018.

  1. First Ladies Unite Alongside 72nd United Nations General Assembly

Imagine the synergy of having a female President and five First Ladies across two continents come together with the mission to help women and girls. On the morning of September 21, 2017, New York City’s hustle and bustle perfectly matched the excitement at the 2017 International Conference on Gender and Sustainability (ICOGAS).On the margins of the 72nd U.N. General Assembly, and in this incredible setting, the Hilton in Midtown Manhattan witnessed the collaboration and camaraderie of leading global strategists, academics, CEOs and international leaders to generate actionable gender equality and women’s economic sustainability solutions.

Among leaders were Ameenah Gurib, President of Mauritius, and First Ladies Reema Carmona of Trinidad and Tobago, Sandra Granger of Guyana, Lorena Castillo de Varela of Panama, Roman Tesfaye of Ethiopia and Dominique Ouattara of the Ivory Coast. To have these leaders united at one event under a common goal ensured through power and dedication that the issues and questions raised during the conference did not fall on deaf ears.

Desirée Patno, NAWRB CEO & President, was honored and privileged to represent one of the 17 countries in women’s global leadership advancing economic and innovative growth for women in emerging countries.

  1. Inaugural NAWRB WHER Report Release

In 2017, NAWRB released the first installment of their Women in Housing Ecosystem Report (WHER) which provides expert data analysis of women entrepreneurs’ successes and obstacles across the various industries in the housing ecosystem, addressing the ramifications of workplace gender imbalances on women’s homeownership.

The report examines the status of women’s economic growth in the housing ecosystem, evaluating the connection between women’s underrepresentation in senior executive positions, lack of homeownership and poverty. It illustrates the pervasive manner in which these factors intertwine in hindering women’s progress and highlights the power of homeownership as a sanctuary cementing women’s economic foundation and professional success.

  1. 4th Annual NAWRB Nexus Conference: Women’s Collaboration for the Future

Scores of executive women and industry leaders came together for women’s economic growth, million-dollar contracting opportunities and invaluable resources at the 2017 NAWRB Nexus Conference: Women’s Collaboration for the Future. From July 16th-19th, 2017, NAWRB’s expert panelists equipped attendees with actionable solutions and specialized forecasts, providing a comprehensive inside look at the near future of the housing ecosystem.

The excitement was palpable as attendees filtered into the Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa and settled into their seats next to future strategic partners and collaborators. DesiréePatno, NAWRB CEO and President, kick-started the event by recognizing the hard work that went into making the conference possible and the professionals who made time in their busy schedules to be a part of the diversity and inclusion (D&I) movement.

  1. FHFA Releases Final D&I Amendments

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) released their Minority and Women Inclusion Amendments Final Rule. The rule follows a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) and Request for Comments (RFC) published by the FHFA in October 2016 calling for the public’s input on the proposed changes to their minority and women inclusion amendments. The final rule is effective 30 days after its July 13, 2017 publication date in the Federal Register.

On December 27, 2016, NAWRB submitted our comments in response to the FHFA’s request, offering our thoughts, support and suggestions regarding the proposed changes. NAWRB’s response to, and presence in, the FHFA rule is a testament to the role the industry can fill in regulations and the power of taking action.

  1. NAWRB Opens Washington, D.C. Office

We announced the opening of our Washington, D.C. Office headed by Silvia N. Rathell, Washington D.C. Satellite Office Government Relations Chairwoman assisting the organization’s growth in government advocacy on behalf of women’s gender equality and women-owned businesses in the housing ecosystem.

  1. Desirée Patno named the highest-ranking woman and 4th overall Top Real Estate Influencer to Follow by in 2017, and received the 2017 Connected Women of Influence Women’s Advocate of the Year Award and 2017 Walker’s Legacy Power25 Award.

In 2017, Desirée Patno, NAWRB CEO and President, was named the highest-ranking woman and 4th overall Top Real Estate Influencer to Follow by and received the Connected Women of Influence Women’s Advocate of the Year Award and Walker’s Legacy Power25 Award.

In 2016, she was honored with HousingWire’s Women of Influence award and was selected the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Women in Business Champion of the Year. Patno resides on the Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) Leadership Advisory Council and Enterprising Women Advisory Board.

  1. NAWRB Wins 3rd Consecutive APEX Award for Publication Excellence

We announced that for the third consecutive year, NAWRB Magazine has been awarded the prestigious APEX Award for Publication Excellence! The APEX Awards are “an annual competition for publishers, editors, writers and designers who create print, Web, electronic and social media.”

The category NAWRB entered is Magazines, Journals & Tabloids – Print – +32 pages and 2017 winners were chosen on the basis of excellence in graphic design, editorial content, and success in achieving overall communications effectiveness and excellence.

  1. NAWRB Adds Five NDILC Members

We announced the addition of Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council (NDILC) Members Linda Erkkila, General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Safeguard; Stacey M. Walker, Director, Housing Outreach, Affordable Lending, Access to Credit Single Family Business, Freddie Mac; Ali Haralson, Executive Vice President, Client Management,; Jane Campbell, Director of the Washington, D.C. office of the National Development Council (NDC) and President of Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP); and Tujuanna Williams, Vice President Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Fannie Mae.

  1. NAWRB Brings D&I and Women’s Homeownership to 2017 NAR Expo

Desirée Patno, NAWRB CEO & President, spoke on the The Importance of Diversity Classification panel at the 2017 National Association of REALTORS® Conference & Expo: The Sky’s the Limit. Patno comprehensively addressed the value of diversity classification in propelling businesses to a step above the competition and raising bottom-line profits.

By leveraging entrepreneurs’ identities, diversity classification has the power to unlock business growth eventually leading to homeownership; the relationship between these two factors is strong, and by contributing to the success of one we will inevitably stimulate the other.

  1. Teaming with NAWRB in Procurement Contracting

Our procurement contract bidding schedule is brimming with opportunities across the housing ecosystem, from executive coaching and asset management to construction and technology. With all of the Requests for Proposals (RFP) we receive, utilizing the power of teaming with other professionals and companies has been an effective tool to help satisfy contract demands while positioning others to capitalize on their unique capabilities.

We recently concluded a 280-page Request for Proposal (RFP) through weeks of intense work and the assistance of our incredible teaming partners. The wonderful thing about collaborating is building that support and strengthening the network with professionals around the country to deliver a superior product and service.

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