Know the Rules of the Game Ⓡ Podcast: Black Bill of Rights

Jasper James

As the CEO & President of Women in the Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem (NAWRB) and Desirée Patno Enterprises, Inc. (DPE) Real Estate Brokerage, Advisor & Investor for AmicusBrain—AI for Aging Population, CSO for ZuluTime, Publisher, Connector and a National Speaker, Desirée Patno’s network and wealth of knowledge crosses a vast economic footprint. With three decades specializing in the Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem and owning her own successful brokerage, she leads her executive team’s expertise of Social Impact, Gender Equality and Access to Capital, and provides personalized consulting services to the Real Estate and Family Office community.

Tune in on Wednesday, July 1st, at 8 AM PST for Know the Rules of the GameⓇ Podcast: Black Bill of Rights with your host Desirée Patno, CEO & President of Women in the Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem (NAWRB), and Special Guest Jasper James, Co-Founder of Allies of Black Lives Matter and Activism Articulated, one of the only advocacy communications firms run by queer, mixed-race women of color. Jasper will enlighten audiences on the “Black Bill of Rights,” a conceptual framework meant to empower Black communities in all facets of American life.  Listen:

Three Rules for the Black Bill of Rights

Rule 1. Educate yourself: Lead all families who have lost innocent loved ones by the hands of police to these documents.

  • Do they take money from police unions? (Campaign Finance laws?)
  • Get access to the most recent itemized budget for the police/sheriff departments (matter of public record, you probably have to request it.)
  • Get access to the most current police union/POBAR contracts and highlight the leniencies (ex: Do they include Qualified Immunity? Do they rule out things like community oversight committees?)

Rule 2. Be solution oriented: Confront your local leaders and pressure them to stand in full support of Black lives.

  • Pressure local leaders to refuse campaign money from police unions (make local political leaders sign a pledge.) 
  • Pressure leaders who sign union contracts/POBAR not to sign if the contracts include special privileges.
  • If applicable replace the states POBAR with the revised BBR Admin version. (Does not include special privileges but still offers the same basic rights given to the common American citizen.) 

Rule 3. Believe in the realm of possibility: Add to the current list/create your own.

  • The Black Bill of Rights is a living concept that offers communities a viable guide/template of the necessary actions and protections that must be put in place in order for Black communities in our nation to be safe and thrive as it pertains to legislation/policy for the judicial system and policing.
  • The Black Bill of Rights can be codified into laws and adopted by all 50 states to serve as a way to create similar templates in other areas where systemic racism has led to persistent injustice such as healthcare, housing or education.
  • The Black Bill of Rights highlights legislation that have already been passed with examples of the legislative measures that have already been passed in the United States. 

Jasper has worked for nearly 15 years as a community activist, artist, and facilitator. They co-founded two active Facebook groups 2015, one for Allies of Black Lives Matter which holds over 15,000 members and is dedicated to discussion and education centered on racial justice. From their past as a Billboard Recording Artist, and event producer to their most recent status as a Reg. Organizer Dir. for the 2020 Mike Bloomberg Campaign, Jasper is a digital campaign rapid response strategist with strong public relations and project management skills. During their tenure as President of the Women’s March Sacramento Chapter, Mx. James also Co-founded Women’s March Blac, an all-Black branch of Women’s March National Leadership.

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