NAWRB and LA Sparks: Lead with Light Mentorship

The LA Sparks’ Lead with Light Mentorship and Shadow Experience is a program connecting #WeAreGirls official youth ambassadors with strong female executives dedicated to bettering the Los Angeles community.

Employing the help of #WeAreWomen Ambassadors and professionals in the LA Business Community, the program focuses on are Real Estate, Education, Journalism and other diverse sectors.

NAWRB CEO & President, Desirée Patno—an LA Sparks #WeAreWomen Ambassador—was a guest mentor this year and was paired with Carly Serber, a senior from Los Angeles County. Earlier this week, Carly shadowed Desirée throughout the day, learning the nuts and bolts of the work we conduct at NAWRB to create a better tomorrow for women in the housing ecosystem.

Sitting in on meetings, Carly experienced firsthand the collaboration and initiative it takes to fulfill our goals and mission as a company. She was able to get an inside look at our magazine production, seeing the operational systems in place that transform an organizational Excel sheet into a beautiful publication. Flipping through thousands of business cards from various events, Carly witnessed the necessity of organization and the strenuous but rewarding process of attending events, making connections, forming partnerships and creating actionable plans to drive change.

“I am so grateful to Desiree for giving me an inside look at what it takes to run a company focused both on success as well as giving back to the community,” stated Carly Serber. “As a high school student just embarking on my own career path, it is empowering to see that when women give back to other women, there is no limit to what we can do.”

As a young millennial, Carly possesses a unique perspective which we leveraged by requesting her input on our website, social media accounts and other products and programs. While still in varying life stages, today’s youth are tomorrow’s homebuyers, and it is essential to learn what motivates and attracts them in order to better serve their demographic.

“It was a pleasure having Carly in the office and being able to teach her about the inner workings of our company and the workplace,” said Desirée Patno. “A lot is said about the dissimilarities and disconnect between today’s youth and older generations, but the importance is in strengthening our connection. I am happy that I was able to participate, and I’m thankful to the LA Sparks’ Lead with Light Mentorship and Shadow Experience for the wonderful opportunity.”

This Sunday, August 27, 2017 at 4 p.m., the LA Sparks will host their annual #WeAreWomen game. Since the inaugural #WeAreWomen game two years ago, the LA Sparks have made history and sold out the Staples Center two years in a row.

This Sunday’s game will highlight women from Los Angeles and around the country by honoring them as the 2017 #WeAreWomen of the Year. To learn more and get involved, please, visit

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