Taking Your Business International

Do you have a successful business that is ready to tread onto international grounds? Growing your company into an international firm offers the exposure and growth opportunities to transform your business from a domestic success to a global powerhouse. Global expansion also offers the flexibility to rely on an alternate market when others are experiencing fluctuations caused by seasonal trends or economic issues.

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Southern California Realtors Eye Single Female Homebuyers

At a gathering of local real estate agents, Long Beach broker Sonia Moncayo said she loves selling to single women, as one herself. But more than that, it’s just good business.

“They have money, they have savings, and they are happy with their own home,” Moncayo said.

Single women are the largest group of homebuyers after married couples, making up 15 percent, according to the National Association of Realtors. And that’s got the industry increasingly interested in promoting female homeownership.

Moncayo, president-elect of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, said she plans to shift more attention to women homebuyers under her tenure.
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NAWRB Events Work To Inspire Women In Real Estate

The National Association of Women in Real Estate Businesses (NAWRB) works to bring women to the forefront of the housing industry with accountability and results by increasing the number of women in the boardrooms and executive offices of America.

Along with their advocacy, NAWRB has several upcoming events to help inform their community of industry develpments and better prepare them to successfully navigate the future of the housing continuum.

NAWRB’s Women’s Homeowndership Initiative & Calendar

NAWRB’s National Women’s Homeownership Initiative (WHI) is committed to increasing women’s homeownership throughout the country. As women make advancements in our workforce, it is imperative to strengthen their growth with strong economic foundations. As more women achieve homeownership, they will secure their progress and thus pave the way for future generations while lowering the number of women living below the poverty level.
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Women’s Progress Through Homeownership

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 3.25.08 PMAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Selected Economic Characteristics, based on 2010-2014 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, 30.9 percent of American families headed by women with no husband present are below the poverty level. As women make advancements in the American workforce—by progressing to executive roles, achieving higher pay and eliminating longstanding barriers—the percentage of women householders living in poverty will decrease accordingly, and as this progress occurs, it is important to secure it with tangible assets.

Homeownership is one of the most powerful avenues through which to cement one’s economic foundation. An increase in women’s homeownership levels would safeguard their advancements and provide a platform for future generations to do the same. From financial security and independence to confident personal and professional lives, the benefits of women’s homeownership are decisive.
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Retail Jobs from Coast to Coast

By most accounts 2015 was a decent year for many builders, lenders, and real estate firms – especially here in Texas where I’m spending a few days with Fairway Independent Mortgage. Speaking of which, here are the hottest real estate markets according to NAR. As expected, the Bay Area tops the list, and California urban areas are well represented. What wasn’t so hot were the stocks of publicly held companies in real estate with names like Stonegate (-60%) and Nationstar (-52%).
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Freddie Mac – Working With HomeSteps

Each year, HomeSteps sells thousands of single-family homes, condominiums, town homes and/or duplexes in areas across the country. As part of the sales process, HomeSteps utilizes the services of listing brokers and third-party vendors.

If you are interested in working with HomeSteps, please review our Prospective Listing Brokers or Prospective Vendorsguidelines, and then complete the online Supplier Profile Questionnaire . This is the fastest and most efficient way for your information to get entered into our database as a potential listing broker or vendor.
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On the Move: 10 September 2015

NAWRB recognizes Aerial Development’s Turner with Gershwin Award

The National Association of Women in Real Estate Business has honored Britnie Turner, founder and CEO of Nashville-based Aerial Development Group, with its 2015 Gershwin Award.

Turner was recognized Aug. 18 during the NAWRB gala awards and annual conference in Long Beach, California.”The Gershwin Award honors the woman who is writing a soundtrack for success while mentoring fellow members in an effort to foster and grow new talent,” according to a NAWRB release.

At 21, Turner founded Aerial Development Group, which bills itself as a “social venture real estate development company that revitalizes urban neighborhoods and supports orphans in Kenya.”
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Leading Atlanta Attorney Diedra Sorohan Wins NAWRB’s Disney Award

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.43.42 PMDULUTH, Ga., Aug. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — O’Kelley & Sorohan, LLC, a full-service law firm specializing in residential real estate closings, announces that Managing Partner Diedra Sorohan recently received the Disney Award from the National Association of Women in Real Estate Businesses (NAWRB). The Disney is awarded to a woman who is a visionary, according to the NAWRB. “She sees past existing limitations and strives to build a new tomorrow,” the association said.
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Community Service Advocate and Mentor Awarded 2015 NAWRB Honor

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.37.38 PM Nesa Grider, long time community service advocate was named winner of the 2015 the National Association of Women in Real Business (NAWRB) Community Service Award. NAWRB’s national recognition program is open to any woman who works within the housing industry in the country, who is a leader in her field and passionately involved in her community. The award celebrates the woman, her professional and personal achievements, as well as her ability to inspire and advocate for other women.

“There is little doubt Ms. Grider is a woman tirelessly giving back to her community, successfully swinging between her professional and personal life. She never sacrifices the time she donates to charitable organizations, mentoring of youth through softball outlets as well as her community. Ms. Grider is successful professional business woman, Mother of two success daughters in their own right, Taylor and Chandler Hoagland, but still finds time to tirelessly gives back to others in need. She successfully navigates between her professional and personal life giving back and mentoring those in many organizations; For Love of Kids, DCFOF, ASA/USA Softball and many others. She never sacrifices the time she donates to charitable organizations and her local community” shared NAWRB- Desirée Patno

“I believe that giving back to the community is one of the most important of life’s obligations – to serve and mentor others. If I am able to change one persons life for the better than, I know that impact will create a ripple effect. The ripple effect is further edification of – change a girl, change a family and you will most certainly change the community- stated Grider.

The NAWRB Community Service Award will be presented to Ms.Grider at the annual NAWRB Gala, August 17, 2015 in Long Beach Ca.