MLS Partners of Zillow Group will Receive Public Record Data for Free


Zillow Group has announced its newest program: Zillow Group Data Connect (ZGDC). The program will grant its industry partners access to public record data for free. Partners can obtain the data with broad usage rights.

MLSs can access the program if they offer their own listing data to Zillow first. The exchange can prove beneficial for both parties. By doing so, Zillow will continue to grow its listing database and MLSs will save thousands of dollars each year by using the free service.

The announcement shows the major progress Zillow has made since it cut ties with ListHub in January. Zillow’s contract with ListHub lasted four years until its recent termination. Initially, the decision to not renew the agreement was expected to result in a loss of significant listings for Zillow.

However, the decision has proven to be a smart, calculative move for Zillow. The real estate giant recruited dozens of MLSs to establish a direct feed of listings. Some of the MLSs include combined Los Angeles/Westside MLS, Tucson Association of Realtors, MLS, and more.

Zillow’s latest program for industry partners will provide services beyond public service data. Partners will also be able to utilize property updates submitted by users, Zestimate, and the opportunity to share information with members.

The program, ZGDC, is set to for availability in the fourth quarter of 2015. For a full press release, click here.

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