2017 NAWRB Conference – Microsoft Office 365 Business: Special Training Guide for Real Estate Professionals Launch


Day 2 of the 2017 NAWRB Nexus Conference featured Melanie Gass, Sr. Partner Channel Marketing Manager SMB&D, USSMB Business Development, Microsoft, unveiling a New Special Training Guide for Real Estate Professionals!

“My whole mission, passion and why I do every single day the things that I do is because I want to make sure people are as empowered when they use technology as possible,” Gass began, after pointing out the high number of attendees in the audience who had Microsoft Surface Pros.

“Microsoft has been around for 40 years. Do you know we have never developed a guide to help the real estate industry be more productive in their day?” Gass emphasized. “Last year, I stood up on stage and I gave you a bunch of time-saving tips. Any of you that were there might recall that. I kept asking you, ‘Is this going to help you save time in your day?’ And you said, ‘Yes.’

“What you didn’t know is that that moment would be part of a groundbreaking opportunity to create a guide that becomes available to the real estate industry starting today at this conference.”

Gass reminded attendees of the various ways in which we utilize technology in our everyday lives—when making phone calls, answering emails, or using elevators—and stated that we are currently in our fourth industrial revolution. She then instructed the audience to follow a link they could find in their program, “Believe it or not, in this real estate market, we have the opportunity to take advantage of technology every day and we probably don’t even think about it,” and guided them as they became part of Microsoft history.

The Microsoft How-To Guide for Real Estate Professionals offers step-by-step directions to streamline your operations. Gass walked attendees through the guide’s tools, such as decluttering your mailbox, creating a personalized mortgage calculator, and compiling a client tour property list that helps your clients remember their thoughts on a particular property, to name a few.

Attendees expressed their delight at the pristine tools of the new Microsoft guide as Gass continually questioned, “Wouldn’t that be wonderful?” followed by, “Well, now there’s a button for that.” She invited attendee and user feedback through her LinkedIn profile and Twitter account before finalizing the session with a group selfie.

Your role as a real-estate professional is simple: Turn your client’s dreams into a reality. This guide will help you kick your productivity into high gear, offering new ways to achieve the impossible during your workday. And it’s actually pretty easy!

To access Microsoft New Guide for Real Estate Professionals, please, visit http://www.aka.ms/nawrbguide.

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