President Trump Taps Jovita Carranza for U.S. Treasurer


President Trump has announced his intent to appoint Jovita Carranza Treasurer of the United States. Carranza is the Founder of JCR Group and previously served as the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Deputy Administrator under President George W. Bush, upon receiving unanimous confirmation. Carranza earned her MBA from the University of Miami.

“I’m honored to be nominated by President Trump for the position of U.S. Treasurer,” said Carranza in a conversation with NAWRB Government Relations Chairwoman Silvia N. Rathell.

Prior to her role at the SBA, Carranza enjoyed an accomplished career at the United Parcel Service, starting as a part-time, night-shift box handler and eventually becoming the highest ranking Latina in company history, serving as President of Latin America and Caribbean operations.

“I am so excited that Jovita Carranza has been nominated for the position of U.S. Treasurer,” stated NAWRB Government Relations Chairwoman Silvia N. Rathell. “She has been a mentor, a friend, a role model, and has always been a champion for women and women in business. I admire her and applaud her incredible achievements.”

As treasurer, according to The White House website, Carranza will have “direct oversight over the U.S. Mint, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and Fort Knox and is a key liaison with the Federal Reserve. In addition, the Treasurer serves as a senior advisor to the Secretary in the areas of community development and public engagement.” The treasurer’s signature also appears on U.S. paper currency.

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