AmeriCatalyst 2016: FAST FORWARD

The annual AMERICATALYST conference is a peer-to-peer think tank focused on the housing ecosystem, which encompasses all sectors of housing finance (the mortgage market), residential real estate, and the rental market. Renowned for the caliber of its exceptional content, what makes the AMERICATALYST event unique is the context in which we discuss how the industry is evolving, and more importantly, where the industry is heading next. That context is globalization, and its pervasive, irreversible, magnifying and accelerating forces, which have created a world increasingly beyond our control, and a world in which the greatest change is the pace of change.

The context of globalization lays out a more accurate and comprehensive view of how its forces fundamentally impact and alter every aspect of the housing and finance ecosystem, enabling participants to understand, identify and adapt to threats — and opportunities — they present to our industry. More importantly, this bigger picture provides crucial, advance insight to prepare for, act on, and profit from what will happen next.

This year, we pick up where we left off from last year’s theme of RUBICON: No Turning Back. The point of RUBICON was to emphasize the need for our industry to let go of the outdated ideas, business models and practices of the past, adapt to the realities of the present, and prepare for the future.

Continuing this narrative, AMERICATALYST 2016: FAST FORWARD is focused on that future. While we are known for our accuracy in forecasting the most significant trends and events of the past 14 years, this year will be the most ambitious and challenging program we have ever created. It features, and is designed for, leaders with extraordinary motivation, capability, and vision to influence and shape the future of our industry, and the world at large.

The best way to shape the future is to be present.