Three Rules of Working with Family Offices: Wendy Craft


The Queen of Family Offices Wendy Craft & the Queen of Real Estate Desirée Patno joined forces to deliver an incredible LIVE Episode of Know the Rules of the Game Podcast on ‘Working with Family Offices’!

Wendy shared unique stories of innovative prenuptial agreements, Conferences in Columbia, and the real truth around confidentiality while working with family offices. And of course her 3 Rules and Tip of the Day!

Rule #1: Confidentiality. This is so far above and beyond what you would do for a company. This isn’t their business. This is their business and their life. If you’re going to work in a family office, and you’re prone to gossip, it’s not the place for you.

Rule #2: Engagement. Research the family office before you go make your pitch to them! Don’t go up and pitch immediately. Come over and say hi. Even if you’re not in the same space, even if a family isn’t suitable for whatever product you have, it does behoove you to make friends with them. Be nice, Be yourself.

Rule #3: Prioritize. Make a To-Do list. Be flexible, you may have to pivot.

Tip of the Day: Treat people as human beings. Families are willing to help you if they get to know you and really like you.

Thank you to all who tuned in LIVE! If you missed today’s episode there are many ways to rewatch!

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