#1 Acknowledge Trailblazers with the NAWRB Certified Delegate Spokeswomen


Our first “Getting Real About Leadership” event with the NAWRB Certified Delegate Spokeswomen was a blast! Thank you to our delegates and everyone who was able to join us, and a special shout out Leora Ruzin for leading the dialogue of what it means to Acknowledge Trailblazers. If you missed it, you can check out the video on Youtube (tinyurl.com/y9fokom6)

Our next event will be on JANUARY 7th, 2021, 9 am PST with NDILC member Kellie Aamodt sharing what it means to Keep Achieving.

Go to facebook.com/events/363484868053818/ to RSVP and check out all future events at facebook.com/nawrb/events!

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