Know the Rules of the GameⓇ for Community Service

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Listen now for an all new episode of the podcast Know the Rules of the GameⓇ for Community Service with your host Desiree Patno, CEO & President of NAWRB, and special guest Zeeda Daniele, President at Central Park Promotions Inc., which specializes in urban housing, wealth building, music and entertainment marketing and outreach. Zeeda and Desiree talk about the responsibility organizations and boards have to give back to their local communities, such as helping to address societal issues such as homelessness and the aging population, and the best ways to serve within their capacities. Listen here: or listen on YouTube here!

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MLK Day 2020: National Day of Service


Today Americans observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a federal holiday occurring every third Monday in January, in honor of the life and achievements of a leading figure in the Civil Rights Movement almost three decades ago. This marks the 91st anniversary of his birth, which was on January 15th, 1929, as well as the 25th anniversary of the national day of service celebrating the Civil Rights leader’s life and legacy.

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National Make a Difference Day 2019


Saturday, October 26th, is National Make a Difference Day, a day that brings together community service organizations every  fourth Saturday of October to make a difference in improving the lives of others, no matter how big or small. The event was created by USA WEEKEND magazine and Points of Light in 1992, and quickly became the largest national day of community service for over twenty years. 

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