October 2019 California Wildfires: Updates & Resources

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The state of California has been dealing with at least ten active fires this past month, including the Kincade Fire, Getty Fire, Easy Fire and the recent Hillside Fire that started last night in San Bernardino County. NAWRB provides the latest updates on these fires and must-know resources for those affected by these tragic events. While Cal Fire firefighters still work hard to contain these fires and affected homeowners plan their next steps, it is important to know about the available resources for financial and physical damage recovery.

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Los Angeles: Largest U.S. City to Include LGBTQ Businesses in Contracts


Los Angeles has announced a new policy that gives LGBTQ businesses—those owned by members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community—opportunities in contracting and procurement, as well as for capacity building and educational programs from small businesses. This places the city as the United States’ largest municipality in population and economic size to have such a policy. 

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