Fannie and Freddie Freeze Evictions for the Holidays

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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have both announced holiday eviction moratoriums, meaning that the entities will enact a hold on evictions during the holiday season. For Fannie, the suspension of evictions applies to single-family and 2-4 unit properties from December 18, 2017 through January 2, 2018. At Freddie, the suspension of eviction lock-outs will span the same time period as Fannie and apply to all foreclosed, occupied homes the company owns.

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Giving Tuesday: Celebrate and Give!


Celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the U.S., Giving Tuesday is a global movement celebrating the power of philanthropy and giving. Since its creation in 2012, the day has leveraged collaboration on a global scale and social media to spread awareness and inspirational stories of people helping one another.

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3 Ways to Celebrate National Entrepreneurship Month


November is National Entrepreneurship month, a time to recognize and celebrate the successes and contributions of our nation’s entrepreneurs and express our support of them and their work in innovating and mapping the future. Established in 2012, National Entrepreneurship Month evolved from the first National Entrepreneurs’ Day in 2010. As we zero in on the holiday season, it is especially important to support the entrepreneurs in your life and community.

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Happy Holidays from NAWRB!



The adorned trees in front windows, decorative neighborhood lights and bustling shopping malls all communicate the same message, the holidays are coming! The recently decreased traffic on the way to work suggests that many have already begun their holiday vacations and are travelling around the country to be with their loved ones during this wonderful time of year.

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Federal Reserve Board encouraging “consumers to closely monitor their financial accounts”



The holiday spirit is in full tow! From malls across America to online retailers, consumers are excitedly shopping for their loved ones’ perfects gifts. You must always remember to keep track of your finances during the holidays, a time when your accounts are experiencing increased activity.

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