Congratulations 2020 NAWRB Leadership Award Nava Michael-Tsabari, Director of the Raya Strauss Center for Family Business Research!


NAWRB is proud to award Nava Michael-Tsabari with the 2020 Family Office Leader Award! Michael-Tsabari is the director of the Raya Strauss Center for Family Business Research at The School of Management, Tel Aviv University. Nava received a Ph.D. from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology and is a researcher and an educator on the subject of family businesses. She is also a 3rd generation of the industrial Strauss family, worked in the group and served on the board of directors of its publicly-traded company. Nava published several papers and received academic awards, among them the 2012 FFI Best Unpublished Paper and the 2014 Best Article of the Family Business Review.

Each year, the NAWRB Leadership Awards honor women leaders in the housing ecosystem who are utilizing their expertise and passion to break glass ceilings in the corporate world and facilitate the growth of their local communities. Congratulations, Nava Michael-Tsabari!

Women Comprise Almost Half of Time Magazine’s 100 List


Time Magazine’s annual list of the Top 100 Most Influential People for 2019 is almost half women for the first time ever. There are 48 women gracing the list, an increase from 45 last year. When the list was first established in 2004, only 24 women were included, so the representation of women has also doubled in the last 15 years.

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Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate: How to Leverage the Disruption


Discussions about how artificial intelligence (AI) will alter the workforce as we know it is a hot topic among thought leaders, including those in the housing and real estate ecosystem. While some fear that improvements in machine learning and cognitive intelligence will present a threat to jobs—which is certainly an important concern—others see AI as a helpful tool for real estate professionals.

When hearing the term “AI,” people often think of chatbots and Siri or Alexa; however, experts see AI as having greater potential as a common helper in the real estate industry—being able to communicate with buyers in an intelligent manner and identify important signals for property regulations, such as RegTech.
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