Leading Increasingly Intergenerational & Diverse Teams

Jason Ma

The future of work and talent has arrived, and change is not only constant but also accelerating. Worldwide, the growing impact of technologies (especially artificial intelligence), digital transformation, globalization, intergenerational and cultural shifts, diversity, as well as the changing nature of careers and the “gig economy,” are raising people’s and companies’ productivity and connectivity. At the same time, these factors, along with social media, geopolitical turbulence, educational system issues, among other causes, are increasing stress, anxiety, fear, and already intense competition.

These trends are occurring while the G20 has declared that the future of work is one of its top three agenda priorities. Just this past weekend, the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina (the G20 host country for 2018) concluded with the publication of the G20 Leaders’ Declaration. Here is an excerpt of this declaration by the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the 20 largest economies:

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Do You Post For a Reaction?


Social media has become a staple in our day to day lives. We use Facebook to check our family and friends’ latest status updates, we go on LinkedIn to network for our careers, and we post photos on our Instagram accounts to share the highlights of our lives. Which platforms do you use, and what role do they play in your professional and personal life?

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Leveraging New Social Media Trends


The Pew Research Center recently released a Social Media Fact Sheet detailing Americans’ social media trends. When the Pew Research Center began measuring social media usage in 2005, five percent of U.S. adults used at least one social media platform. Today, 69 percent of the public utilizes some form of social media.

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The Opportunity Cost of a Bad Website



How much is your outdated website or lack of social media presence hurting your business? The recently released Small Business Digital Trends Report from Web.com and Dr. David Ricketts—an Innovation Fellow in the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard—reveals an alarming amount of small business owners fail to optimize their website and leverage the power of social media platforms.

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NAWRB is looking for a Social Media Assistant to be the face of SHE is Changing Real Estate!



About NAWRB:

The National Association of Women in Real Estate Businesses (NAWRB) is the most visible women’s trade association specializing in the housing economy. NAWRB is dedicated to providing women the tools and opportunities for economic growth and expansion, while advocating and promoting women-owned businesses specializing in the housing economy. NAWRB is also the only third-party industry-specific certifier of Women-Owned Business (WOB) and Minority Women-Owned Business (MWOB) specializing in the housing economy.

By utilizing its presence in Washington D.C. and consultations with the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI), the Small Business Administration (SBA), the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) and other organizations, NAWRB acts as a resource base between members and government contracting, new business opportunities, marketing, and business training.

 Specializing in the Housing Economy, our trademark, SHE is Changing Real Estate™

Job Description:

NAWRB is looking to add a part-time Social Media Assistant to our team! You’ll act as a front-line brand manager by interacting with supporters and members in real-time across web platforms. The right candidate for this $13 an hr position will have excellent verbal and written skills, the ability to work with cross-functional teams, and be a self-starter. This position will be based in our Orange County office.


  • Work with Social Media Manager to create cutting edge social media campaigns and calls-to-action that engage and drive people to specific websites and articles.
  • Spend time on Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram/Pinterestevery day to engage with our target audience and share content, grow followers, and improve overall engagement.
  • Holistically manage our LinkedIn and Facebook “members only” Groups to create added value.
  • Participating in real time online conversations by answering questions, offering solutions, and facilitating discussions to create content for feeds.
  • Engaging with top leaders within the industry on their social media platforms in addition to commenting on behalf of NAWRB on popular industry articles.
  • Prior experience in advertising, public relations or online marketing is preferred.
  • Knowledge of the housing economy and/or government issues is a plus.

How to apply:

Please submit resume, one formal writing sample at least 1 page in length (i.e. excerpt of college paper, article, case study, etc.), and either your personal or professional social media portfolio to info@www.nawrb.com.