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Women’s Diversity and Inclusion
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Women’s Homeownership

The 3rd Annual NAWRB Women’s Diversity and Inclusion Conference brings you the national platform for Women’s Homeownership. According to 2014 Census Bureau data, there are 18,057,000 female homeowners in the United States. Ten million live alone, 6.7 million live with relatives without a husband present and 1.3 million live in two-or-more person households.

We will address the unique challenges and aspects of women’s homeownership, and how you can be part of this emerging market!


Women-Owned Contracting Opportunities

A variety of agencies with enormous responsibilities and projects in motion, from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to the Small Business Administration (SBA), beckon the assistance of diverse independent contractors from several industries.

These entities possess contracts and set-asides for women-owned small business and small businesses within several designations. With the ever-growing diversity and inclusion (D&I) movement, a rising number of agencies are dedicating themselves to increasing the utilization of small businesses in the contracting arena.

As the Small Business Administration (SBA) reveals in the Scorecard Summary for fiscal year 2015, HUD awarded over $360 million in contracts to women-owned small businesses (WOSB). This is just one agency dedicated to working with WOSB in the contracting arena.

These contracts, potentially worth millions of dollars, could be pivotal for your business. If you prepare yourself, you could be the next recipient of a million-dollar contract.

To learn more about contracting opportunities including:
Contracting requirements
How you can best prepare your business for possible contracts
Contracting forecasts for fiscal year 2016

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