Working with Family Offices – Wendy Craft: Know the Rules of the Game Podcast


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Looking to work with a #FamilyOffice? What are their dynamics, #InvestmentStrategies, and #BusinessOpportunities? With the largest generational wealth transfer happening in the next decade, more women are becoming the #DecisionMakers and #influencers.

On January 27th, at 8:00 am PST, Know the Rules of the Game Podcast, “Working with Family Offices” we are thrilled to have as our special guest and friend, Wendy Craft, Chief of Staff for Fulcrum Equities LLC, a single-family office that invests in real estate and operating companies. She is our 2019 Family Office Leader Award Winner and led several dynamic conversations at our 2019 NAWRB “Redefining Leadership” Conference. It’s now 2021, oh how the world has changed!

Wendy has an extensive background working for several Family Offices including the Swig, Shepperd, and Schneider families. She obtained her LL.M. designation in Taxation from Georgetown University Law School and is a member of the bar for the U.S. Supreme Court.

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