The Jills

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Broker-Associates of the Record-Breaking Jills Team

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Named the #1 Coldwell Banker team in the world, Jill Hertzberg and Jill Eber have used their passion and innovative marketing skills to become the leading luxury real estate agents in South Florida. They reveal their advice for business success and the power of devoted relationships in both business and family life.

NAWRB: Your personalities balance each other out incredibly well to form such a strong and cohesive business team. How did you two meet and what led to the creation of The Jills?

Jill Hertzberg: Jill was working at a company and I happened to hang my license at the same firm. The company, at the time, had a big open room with tables. They assigned me to a shared table with Jill Eber. Each day, we would say hello and goodbye to each other. Then, after some time and many hellos and goodbyes later, we started working together.
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