Life of a Female Veteran: U.S. Army Combat Veteran Erica Courtney (part 3 of 6)


Chris and I finally got married and a few years later came our first son. We planned it so I would be pregnant in a non-operational position during an eight-month leadership course. Noah was born upon arriving to my next assignment at the 10th Mountain Division in upstate New York. My mother decided to help since Chris and I were both serving and someone needed to be with the new baby; it really takes a village to raise a family.

I left Ecuador, where I worked on some amazing projects with international organizations to help save the original watersheds, the rainforest and its indigenous people. I was selected to become the first female cavalry commander while I worked as the senior logistician for the unit, but it kept getting pushed back due to logistical needs. The commander I was to replace had already been shot down three times, and survived each. I was told the command was going to be delayed a year, and then I became pregnant with my second son Ayden.
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Women Veteran Entrepreneur Webinar: December 4th, 2017


Erica Courtney, U.S. Army combat veteran and 2020vet CEO, will host an upcoming webinar helping women veteran entrepreneurs take advantage of their resources and leverage their talent and skills for success. Veteran-owned businesses, which number at 2.5 million and employ 5 million people, have tremendous potential for growth, and it is imperative to support these entrepreneurs as they grow their enterprises.

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