Southern California Realtors Eye Single Female Homebuyers


At a gathering of local real estate agents, Long Beach broker Sonia Moncayo said she loves selling to single women, as one herself. But more than that, it’s just good business.

“They have money, they have savings, and they are happy with their own home,” Moncayo said.

Single women are the largest group of homebuyers after married couples, making up 15 percent, according to the National Association of Realtors. And that’s got the industry increasingly interested in promoting female homeownership.

Moncayo, president-elect of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, said she plans to shift more attention to women homebuyers under her tenure.
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Will Bank of America’s New Loan Program Boost Homeownership?


The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers home loans that allow low down payments, as low as 3.5 percent; these loans however, need to be backed by private mortgage insurance, meaning an additional cost to already overextended homebuyers. Bank of America is set to launch a new program that will let homebuyers make a down payment of 3 percent, without mortgage insurance. Will this program boost homeownership?

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