Know the Rules of the Game Ⓡ Podcast: Black Bill of Rights

Jasper James

Tune in on Wednesday, July 1st, at 8 AM PST for Know the Rules of the GameⓇ Podcast: Black Bill of Rights with your host Desirée Patno, CEO & President of Women in the Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem (NAWRB), and Special Guest Jasper James, Co-Founder of Allies of Black Lives Matter and Activism Articulated, one of the only advocacy communications firms run by queer, mixed-race women of color. Jasper will enlighten audiences on the “Black Bill of Rights,” a conceptual framework meant to empower Black communities in all facets of American life.  Listen:

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The Power of Women in Business

by EXIT Realty Corp. Staff Writer, Maegan Carrasquillo

We’ve all heard the expression, “hitch your wagon to a star.” It’s the notion of seeking out those who shine and learning how to excel right along with them.

Recent theories suggest that having a strong, positive role model – especially as a young girl growing up in today’s world – can pack a three-fold inspirational, behavioral, and potentiality punch.

“Role models are important especially for women and other groups facing a host of social challenges and obstacles,” reads a 2019 Women’s Day and Female Role Models article on Psychology Today. “Role models show us what is possible; they inspire us and demonstrate possible ways we can overcome obstacles and actualize our potential.”

In the world of real estate, roughly 63% of all REALTORS® are female according to a 2018 report by NAR, yet only 12-14% hold roles of President, CEO, Executive Director or similar. This is where the National Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council (NDILC) come in; to show women what’s possible through powerful representation. The NDILC is part of Women in the Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem, also known as NAWRB.

The council is made up of women like EXIT Realty Corp. International’s, CEO, Tami Bonnell, who hold senior executive roles within real estate and related fields and they recently developed a list of 10 women leadership principles.

  1. Acknowledge Trailblazers- Know and learn from the women who came before you. We’re all standing on the shoulders of giants.
  2. Keep Achieving- Effective leaders always keep learning. There’s always something to learn and improve upon.
  3. Believe- Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve.
  4. Pass the Torch- Give opportunities to future generations of women. Your legacy will be the people you help along the journey.
  5. Know Yourself- Be authentic and lead in a way that is true to you. Own your unique talents and strengths and empower those around you.
  6. Speak Out- Unconscious bias is present, but ignoring it only perpetuates it. Take a stand and speak out.
  7. Listen- Never assume anything about anyone. Everyone has their own story that makes them who they are.
  8. Be Present- Sharing your time is one of the most valuable gifts you can give. Do it with intention by truly being present.
  9. Prepare for the Future- Women with advanced skills today will be ready for tomorrow’s challenges.
  10. Lead by Example- Inclusion isn’t enough. Press for parity and strive for excellence in everything.

The list was written to pass on lessons learned on the path to leadership and can be used for nearly any field. Not everyone has had the same access to positive female role models but both individuals and companies alike can help by following them. It’s up to all of us to continue this positive movement in a forward motion toward true equality.