#QuoteOfTheDay with Tami Bonnell


Being physically and mentally present in the workplace not only helps you foster stronger personal relationships, but it can also make the biggest difference for your leadership and business.

Principle #8. Be Present: Sharing your time is one of the most valuable gifts you can give. Do it with intention by truly being present.

To hear more about how Tami Bonnell practices July’s theme, #BePresent, watch the full NDILC Ten Women Leadership Principles Broadcast here: youtu.be/Qd46u_gcD60

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Know the Rules of the Game RECAP: SPECIAL GUEST David Morrell

Know the Rules of the Game RECAP: SPECIAL GUEST David Morrell

For entrepreneurs, the real estate ecosystem is as competitive as it gets. So how do you differentiate yourself and rise to the top?

For David Morrell (@dmorrellyyc), these are his three rules and tip of the day when it comes to disrupting the status quo!
1. You need an overflow of business to scale.
2. Unique selling propositions are essential to your real estate business.
3. Branding and marketing are critical.
Tip of the Day: Seek knowledge sooner.
Missed the episode? No worries! Watch or listen to the full podcast with the links below.