7 sheCENTER(FOLD)s Part of 2017 NAWRB Conference


Roaring Thirty Winners and/or Conference Presenters – NAWRB Magazine sheCENTER(FOLD)s

 Playing it Forward – Their tips for women as they have climbed the corporate ladder.

“As a woman you have to be willing to lean in and deliver, and over deliver. I think the key differentiator in creating success is, who wants it most? Who is willing to make it happen, whatever that means? Realize your strengths, review what you need to change, and do what it takes to get yourself to the next level.” (Vol. 2 Issue 5)
Amy Brandt
President & Chief Operating Officer, Docutech Corporation
NDILC Council Member
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4th Annual NAWRB Nexus Full Year Membership – Conference Package!


The 4th Annual NAWRB Nexus Conference: Women’s Collaboration for the Future is just 10 days away! From July 16th-19th, NAWRB presents resources, contracting opportunities, forecasts, insider knowledge and more featuring the industry experts and executives at the forefront of the housing ecosystem.

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NAWRB International Magazine Volume 6, Issue 2: sheCENTER(FOLD) Danielle DiMartino Booth, Founder & President, Money Strong, LLC and author of Fed Up: An Insider’s Take on Why The Federal Reserve is Bad for America

A finance industry pioneer, Danielle DiMartino Booth offers invaluable wisdom to women professionals and consumers. She inspires with strength and resilience as she details her life and career leading to becoming a foremost American economist. Discussing gender bias in the workplace and offering an unsettling view on the American economy, Booth dedicates herself to hard facts and is an exemplary testament to the value and importance of women leaders.

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2017 NAWRB Women in the Housing Ecosystem Report Being Released at the NAWRB Conference


Data – Projections – Solutions

In July 2017, the National Association of Women in Real Estate Business (NAWRB), a leading voice for women in the housing ecosystem, will release the first installment of the NAWRB Women in the Housing Ecosystem Report.

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2017 NAWRB Keynote: Toni Moss – AmeriCatalyst & Interviews w/Marcia Davies – MBA and Tami Bonnell – EXIT Realty

Keynote Speaker Toni Moss,
CEO, AmeriCatalyst

Current Trajectory of the U.S. Housing Market over the next five to 10 years

In this keynote session, AmeriCatalyst CEO Toni Moss adapts the title of Joan Didion’s book, “The Year of Magical Thinking,” into a presentation on the current state of global economics; the wave of populist backlash against globalization and the current trajectory of the U.S. housing market over the next five to 10 years. Always thought-provoking and compelling, not to mention entertaining, Toni provides unique insight into current affairs and previews the unreleased content and final chapter of her iconic AMERICATALYST event this September.

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